Zac Flash is a Team Rocket Agent.


Zac has always lived in Fortree with his parents. He's looked up to Winona for most of his life, and when Team Rocket forced her to go into hiding, he wanted to find her; He didn't want to go alone, nor get in trouble with the rockets, though. He walked up to Winona's old gym, but couldn't enter. Here, he met Melon. He met Chompy while traveling in the Cave of Origin.

Personality Edit

Outgoing. Talkative, likes to be in a group. Has good hand-eye coordination. Extremely nice (somewhat of a character flaw). He has a lot of patience, but when you get him mad, he's like a volcano. He's very controversial, and has many sides to his personality.

Appearance Edit

Average height. Green eyes, dark brown hair. Wears long sleeve shirt, but his right sleeve is somewhat torn. Likes Camouflage Pants. Mostly wears a ball cap. Has a scar on his left arm.

Pokemon Edit

Name Species Gender Ability Personality
Melon Kecleon Male Color Change Outgoing. Energetic. Very Hyper. Can't sit still for too long.
Chompy Mawile Female Intimidate Chompy is very relaxed. She is quick to make up her mind, and she sticks to what she wants. Chompy is a caring Pokemon, and will treat Pokemon who are injured.
Duskull Duskull Male Levitate Duskull, being a Pokemon of a Grunt early on (before Team Rocket takeover), has a relatively optimistic personality. He's carefree, and likes to laugh. It doesn't like to scare other beings, unless it's enraged.
Kongo Darumakka Male Inner Focus Fickle. Can change emotions fairly quickly. Kongo likes to finish what he starts, though.

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Trivia Edit

  • Zac likes messing with his opponents, and does not like to lose.
  • Zac does not like Justin Icewater, despite them being friends near the beginning of the RPG.
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