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{{Infobox trainer
{{Infobox trainer
|name = Will Wethar
|name = Will Wethar

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Will Wethar is a Pokémon Trainer. He is 14 years old. He has blonde hair, hazel eyes, and is around 5'4". He often wears a T-shirt, a windbreaker, and athletic pants. He carries a bag and wears glasses, and his Pokégear is blue. He is a fast runner, but his arms pack very little muscle. Will lives in Eterna City of Sinnoh. He has two parents and two younger siblings. His parents are also Trainers; his father Samuel is a Water and Ice-type Trainer, while his mother Kathy is a Fire-type Trainer. He met his first Pokémon, Crasher the Gligar, when he was 13.


Will is always keen to help someone in need, which sometimes puts him in danger, but it also makes him new friends. He tends to rely on his brains more than his brawn. His careful, methodical nature sometimes clashes with those of his Pokémon, but they are still true friends. He is not a very confident battler, but his Pokémon try to convince him otherwise. He is also somewhat naive.


Early Life

Growing up in Eterna City, Will often rode down Cycling Road with his siblings. When he was 13, when he was by himself, he dismounted his bike to retrieve something and fell down a ledge. Here, he met an injured Gligar. He nursed the Gligar back to health at the nearby Oreburgh City Pokémon Center. The Gligar then helped him climb back up to his bike,and became a trusted companion. Later, when traveling through Eterna Forest to Floaroma Town, he found an abandoned Aron from the Johto region, whom he and Crasher the Gligar became good friends with.

Teenage Years

Will's father Samuel and a new friend, Zack Furler, take Will on a journey to help Team Liberty.


Name Appearance Species Gender Personality Ability Status Known Moves
Crasher Crasher Gligar Male Crasher is jolly and carefree, and a little reckless, which often results in him crashing. He is somewhat of a clown. A practical joker, he often pulls pranks on unsuspecting victims, even his trainer! However, he knows when to act serious, particularly in battle. Sand Veil: Raises evasion in a sandstorm In Party Cross Poison, Quick Attack, Faint Attack, Swords Dance, U-turn, X-scissor
Helm Helm as an AronHelm as a Lairon Lairon Female Helm is very adamant and brash, and believes that she can defeat almost any challenger. Not even her smaller stature and low skill deter her from challenging much larger opponents, but she has learned not to be as overconfident. She is somewhat vain. Rock Head: No recoil damage from recoil moves In Party Head Smash, Metal Claw, Iron Head, Roar, Iron Defense, Double-Edge
Techie Techie Magnemite Genderless It has a bold nature and is mischievous. It likes to annoy the opponent in battle. Magnet Pull: Prevents Steel-type Pokémon from escaping In Party Metal Sound, Thundershock, Mirror Shot, Thunder Wave, Sonicboom, Magnet Rise
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