The Lost Champion was an early plot detailing the efforts of Team Rocket Agents Ethan Worth, Lorelei Penn, and Troy Alder to recruit Sinnoh Champion Cynthia to the war.

Synopsis Edit

Characters Involved Edit

Team Rocket Edit

  • Ethan Worth
  • Lorelei Penn
  • Troy Alder

Other Edit

  • Cynthia

Locations Involved Edit

  • Pokémon League Castle

Results Edit

  • Cynthia recruited to Team Rocket

History Edit

The Initial Prompt Edit

As part of Team Rocket's efforts to begin recruiting famous trainers, Team Rocket Agents Ethan Worth, Troy Alder, and Lorelei Penn met together and brainstormed a list of individuals that they could seek out. Noting the lack of activity within the Sinnoh Pokémon League following Team Rocket's rule, the three decided that Cynthia, Champion of the Sinnoh Region, would be a good choice to pursue, noting her sense of authority and believing that it would align with Team Rocket's position against Team Liberty. The three commandeered transportation from Chapel and headed to Sinnoh's Pokémon League Castle.

Cynthia Edit

Upon arriving, the three noted the presence of a crashed helicopter in the Pokémon League lake, as well as clear signs of damage on the castle structure itself--evidence of a skirmish of some sort with Team Liberty. The three landed and headed in, sending out their Pokémon to accompany them in case of danger.

While initially appearing abandoned, the three soon happened upon Cynthia herself, who had come to survey the damage. They approached her and introduced themselves, telling her of Team Rocket's latest plan of action. While initially reluctant to join them, Cynthia lamented the damage to the Pokémon League castle as well as the war itself, before deciding that she would go with them, hoping that she could use her influence as Sinnoh Champion to help end the war. Before departing, the four trainers engaged in a short double-battle, with Cynthia emerging the victor amongst all four of them.

Aftermath Edit

Cynthia later assisted in Team Rocket's efforts to recruit other trainers. Following Team Rocket and Team Liberty's ceasefire, she returned to Sinnoh and helped to restart the Pokémon League there, resuming her position as Sinnoh Champion.

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