Team Plasma
Leader(s) The Six Sages
Controlled Regions Unova
Bases Plasma Castle, Black City
Goals Keep news of the Liberty-Rocket War from spreading in Unova

Peacefully govern Unova

Status Active
Allies N/A.
Enemies Team Rocket, Team Rocket Separatists, Team Liberty, Team Energon
Team Plasma is the governing body of the Unova region. Originally a Pokémon Rights group roughly twenty years before Rise of the Rockets, Team Plasma was disbanded when it turned out that its main leader, Ghetsis, was using the group as a front to obtain power over the world. Later, it reformed as a political party, and was elected into power shortly before the beginning of the Rocket-Liberty War.



Main HeadquartersEdit

The main headquarters for Team Plasma are located in the central castle in Black City; which was built for them after they took over as the government of the Unovan Region.


  • Pawns--These are the raw recruits of Team Plasma, frontline agents sent out for low-priority tasks and as support for higher-ranking operatives. Equivalent to Recruits and Trainees on the other major teams, or the "grunts" of Teams past.
  • Knights--These are the front-liner field agents of Team Plasma, sent off as independent operatives on a multitude of missions. Knights are generally given a significant amount of latitude in their operation, but they ultimately are accountable to the Rooks and Bishops above them. While it is mostly unofficial, Knights needing to form a chain of command in the field will often defer to one another according to seniority and successful mission record, though such situations are exceedingly rare thanks to their tendency to operate alone.
  • Rooks--Elite senior Plasma operatives, roughly equivalent to Executives in other factions. Unlike the Executives of Team Liberty and Team Rocket, Rooks almost never see field action, generally appearing only as guards and administrative officers directly under the Bishops, or occasionally as coordinators of Team Plasma forces in Unova during times of great calamity. As a result of this policy, Knights who have distinguished themselves in Team Plasma service may find their promotion to Rook delayed significantly due to their usefulness in the field; while the rumor that "every Rook starts their tenure in the Medical wing" is provably false, there is some validity behind the truism. There are no known records of Team Plasma Rooks ever seen outside of Unova since the reorganization of Team Plasma and the outbreak of the Rocket-Liberty war, perhaps another reason why the organization is hesitant to promote their more useful Knights.
  • Bishops--The six leaders of Team Plasma, also known as the Six Sages.



  • The Six Sages of Team Plasma.

Notable MembersEdit



  • Team Plasma shares an interesting parallel with Team Rocket: Both were originally criminal organizations that eventually rose in power and became the governing bodies of their respective home regions. Despite this, the two groups have drastically different ruling methods.
    • Additionally, both tried to take over the region multiple times before finally becoming the governments of their regions.
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