Team Galactic
Leader(s) Saturn
Controlled Regions Sinnoh
Bases Nova
Goals Drive Team Rocket and Team Liberty from Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh
Status Defunct
Allies Hojohsin League
Team Energon
The Searchers
Enemies Team Rocket
Team Liberty
Team Magma
Team Galactic was a faction based in the region of Sinnoh. Despite having turned into a scientific company following the fall of Cyrus twenty years ago, Team Galactic eventually reverted to their criminal ways, targeting Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina once again.

They allied themselves with John Ford, followed shortly by Team Energon and the Searchers to create the Hojohsin League, though were destroyed by Envy before they could assist in putting the overall Hojohsin plan into action.


The Adamant and Lustrous Orbs Edit


The Hojohsin League Edit


Destruction Edit




Nova was Team Galactic's sole base of operations, located outside of Eterna City. It was here that they kept the Adamant and Lustrous Orbs, until they were stolen by Evan Tierra, Klim Prizak, and Seth Vicens. Part of the base collapsed as a result of an Earthquake attack used during the theft, but was later rebuilt.

Nova was eventually demolished by an enraged Envy, during her failed attempt to goad Mars into a battle.


Team Galactic was composed of a fair number of agents, primarily scientists and researchers, at the time of its destruction. Virtually all of their active agents were killed in Envy's attack.

  • Mars (Leader; deceased)
  • Jupiter (Leader)
  • Saturn (Leader; deceased)
  • A large group of guards at Nova.


  • Team Galactic was the second canon Team to fall in Rise of the Rockets, preceded by Team Aqua and followed by Team Magma. This leaves Team Rocket and Team Plasma as the only confirmed canon Teams to still be in operation in the RotR universe.
    • Coincidentally, Team Galactic was also the second group from the Hojohsin League to fall, after the Searchers.
  • Team Galactic was the only official canon group whose goals at their introduction at their introduction in RotR mirrored their original canon goals--namely, capturing the Creation Trio.
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