Team Energon
Leader(s) Michael Travis
Controlled Regions Kanto
Bases Unknown
Goals Accumulate power by draining energy from legendaries on both sides

Defeat Team Liberty and Team Rocket

Status Active
Allies Hojohsin League

The Searchers
Team Galactic

Enemies Team Liberty

Team Rocket

Team Energon is a recently formed team that started after an accident at Sliph Co. Team Liberty member Cyan Vero had been working with a group of trainers, scientists, and technicians who had originally offered their help to his former resistance. His team's mission, codenamed Reckoning, was supposed to bring about the downfall of Team Rocket. In the end, it placed both sides and their accumulated Legendary pokemon in danger, and led to the creation of Team Energon.


Reckoning/Project PrototypeEdit

Cyan Vero, as the last surviving member of his resistance, had decided to finish what his team had started. With some help from the group of people his team had recruited, they finished Project Prototype, starting a 'breeding project' of specialized Porygon. The group recovered the blueprints for several energy-draining devices, upgrading and creating weaponized versions of them. Cyan's good friend, a Mew, voluteered to be a test subject for the draining, as Cyan had been assured that it would be safe.

During the test, Mew became severely weakened, and wouldn't have survived if Cyan hadn't pulled the plug. He immediately shut down the project, but the head member of the group working with him, Michael Travis, turned the rest of the team against him. Cyan fled with Mew and a few crucial pieces of the project. Michael took what was left and decided to continue the project without him. And thus, Team Energon was born.


It is unknown where Team Energon's main base is, or if they have any more bases. Their main base is likely located somewhere in the Kanto region.


At this time, there are approximately 30-40 members in Team Energon.

  • Michael Travis (Leader)
  • Peter (Executive)
  • Jennet (Executive)
  • Zennet (Executive)
  • "Black" (real name unknown)
  • Several trainers, scientists, and technicians that were with Michael during Reckoning.
  • Each of the members have one of the specialized Porygon, which may or may not be evolved.

Team Energon is currently recruiting new members, so their ranks could increase considerably over time.


Team Energon has yet to take any major actions, but Michael Travis was personally requested by John Ford, aka 'The Shadowed Man' to find and capture Mewtwo, or he threatened to take control of the Porygon. Michael has yet to begin that mission, but is currently making plans on how best to do that.

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