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Upcoming Changes in the RPG Edit

So, since BZPower is still down as of 5/15/11, and I need to let people know about changes that will be made once it comes back on-line, I figured I would just post them here for whoever to see. Expect a couple of blog entries regarding this as well.

What you can expect once the forums come back on:

-A new No No Losses/God-Mod Policy. This was something that was bugging me right before the forums went off-line, and it's something that is going to continue bugging me until I do something about it. Basically, I've noticed a steady increase in people like, not losing in any battles again. Even with stronger teams, people don't seem to realize that it gets extremely boring reading battles that you already know the ending to. I'm going to go into further detail about this in my BZP blog and start cracking down on this at a later date, but for now, just consider losing a few battles more often than is done now. That's basically what I'm trying to accomplish with this new policy, especially because this unwillingness to lose has caused me to throw battles where I'm controlling the leaders of the main organizations, despite it not making any sense in-game.

Again, more details later.

-Overlapping between players' missions is going to be more emphasized. This is essentially just going to stress the fact that other players storylines have just as much of an effect on the environment as yours. I couldn't help but notice that there are times where things have happened to, say, a town (such as a few buildings being destroyed) and then those events have been ignored by other players when they go there. I just want to stress here that the game would be more community-based and the atmosphere of the game more realistic if these events were acknowledged by people other than the NPCs and the people involved.

-I've kept this under wraps for quite a while, but after using the down-time for some serious thinking, I'm going to make this public knowledge. As most people have probably noticed, there are A TON of organizations in the game right now, almost all of them run by ~1 player, and almost all of them with "bad" motives. Unfortunately, that, for the past 6-8 months, has had the adverse effect of literally clogging up the RPG with what appear to me as dead plot lines and a bunch of groups that have giant egos and somehow all manage to secretly amass enough power to (supposedly) rival TR and TL, despite what I've said in the past that goes against this. I want to and will seriously discuss with the owners of these groups what the future holds for these organizations, because as it stands, the fact that most are around just for the sake of being around at this point has made it impossible for anything on a large scale to effectively take place without interference from some other group that should not have known about the plans for the event.

-And... I believe that's all for now. Any questions or comments can be posted here... or you can wait until BZP comes back up. You're choice. Parugi 23:08, May 15, 2011 (UTC)

Mostly just posting to show I acknowledge your post. And to show that there really are people who still pay occasional attention to this wikia. I guess this means once the forums come up I'll be getting a big pm about Team Energon. Hmm...I'd love for them to help out somehow, but neither Ford nor anyone else has given them much to do. And Detranix (between his inactive periods) literally skips his Darkrai around way to fast, so there's no time to even think of IC'ing a defense. They would do something about the Darkrai...but the Darkrai keep phasing through them like they don't exist lol. -Don’t blink, you might miss me. Umbra of Doom (talk) 08:53, May 19, 2011 (UTC)

Not a big PM, but a PM nonetheless. Mainly what I'm getting at here is that these other groups need to start doing more in terms of their own plans, and therefore actually start putting themselves into positions where they can and will be defeated at times and weakened as a result. As things stand, the mindset that anyone needs an invitation to do anything is what has been slowing the RPG down -- because no one will go out of their way to try their own thing with their groups and put them in the sniper's scope, they aren't putting those factions into positions where they can be weakened or hindered at all, making them appear way stronger than they actually are when they, for whatever reason, decide to jump into what should be a strictly TR-TL plot. And even when something does happen to them, somehow it gets written off as being a "minor loss" -- something which infuriates me to no end and is my biggest reason for the new God-Mode and Faction policies, because that has never been done with either TL or TR, even considering th fact that those two groups are much bigger than any of the other factions.

The other problem is just inactivity with the characters or players in general. My prime example being (and not to pick on Neya) Soil Colossus and the entire Manaphy/Silvermind plot. Admittedly, Neya was very active in the beginning of that arc; however, somewhere towards the middle his activity teetered off and it suddenly became a game of posting and then waiting for 3-7 days on end just to get a reaction from one of the SC employees. At this point, post-plot, they're just there (which, and again not to pick on anyone, they were never even supposed to stick around after the ending portion of the arc.) On top of simpy being there, they somehow have all of this intelligence information regarding TL, TR and, IIRC, Ford, despite only being a drilling company. And what is that intelligence being used for? Nothing. It's like it's known just to be known, as well as to make it clear to TR/L that "We're a threat" -- when, really, those groups aren't going to see you as such if you choose to just sit on that info, which is exactly why I have yet to make any of the Shadow Admins or Goldhawk truly react to those kinds of reports. It's the same deal with almost all of the groups -- which isn't cool and is technically a violation of the metagame rule, since no explanation has ever been provided aside from "spies in the organizations" -- which shouldn't and doesn't work when it comes to information that only the top TL or TR officers would know.

It's a slightly different situation when it comes to the Darkrai, because Detranix is a slightly erratic poster when it comes to updating their mission. But that doesn't mean that TE or the Searchers or SC couldn't use some of the information that they've apparently gotten on TL or TR to do something against them independent of anyone else.

tl;dr: Don't wait around for other people, because that's boring and doesn't help the game's health and growth at all. :3 Parugi 15:47, May 21, 2011 (UTC)

Hmm...okay. Well part of TE's main plan was to attack Legendaries, which was the primary reason they were going after Darkrai. With all that power, draining it would be a huge boost to them...except they don't hang around much. I view them as a futuristic type team- but also a power-hungry one as well. While you say we shouldn't wait for others to make their move, it makes no realistic sense for TE to continue their world-domination plans until they handle the Darkrai's apocalyptic threat. -Don’t blink, you might miss me. Umbra of Doom (talk) 16:29, May 21, 2011 (UTC)

As I said, different situation. Before the Darkrai became a public threat, there was little reason for any of these groups to not act against TL or TR like they said they were going to. I'm saying that once the Darkrai are out for the count and there is no immediate threat of destruction from supernatural forces, I expect these groups to start being active in their attempts to take out TL and TR -- which you don't need an order or invitation to do. Aside from the master plan, Ford is essentially leaving the Searchers, TE and Team Galactic to their own devices. Parugi 16:54, May 21, 2011 (UTC)

Okay, once the Darkrai are taken care of, I'll find a way to put TE to better use. Nice banners for the factions, btw. -Don’t blink, you might miss me. Umbra of Doom (talk) 07:26, May 23, 2011 (UTC)

Seeing as my time has freed up slightly, allow me to explain what is going on with the Darkrai plot. Recently, I have been extremely busy with school work, as well as personal things, and as such I had little time to post. For that I apologize. As for my skipping around of the Darkrai, I found it would get boring repeatedly going over the exact same thing for every town, and since I don't want this plot to last as long as the Silvermind mission, I decided to give them a bit of a speed boost in their mission. I also admit to having a slight writer's block. Nevertheless, when BZP is back, I will continue with the invasion at a more frequent rate. Also keep in mind, that once they leave, they can still be intercepted at any point before they reach their next destination, aka, my inactive periods. However, keep in mind these Darkrai have a planned end, and will not be destroyed/drained/imprisoned along the way. Aaaaand that's about all I can think of for now :) {C}Detranix 23:18, May 26, 2011 (UTC)

Umbra: Alrighty. And yeah, I'm rather fond of it, thanks; though I like my main page picture better. :P

Detranix: Completely understandable, and the explanation is appreciated. Along with that, I can also safely confirm that the planned ending for the Sombra Arc will be rather enjoyable to behold, and as such Detranix's inactiveness will pay off in the end. :)

On the topic of changes, I've been thinking of other (IMO) weak areas in the RPG. So, expect to see the following points addressed alongside those listed at the top of this page:

-Game mechanics. A lot of people seem to be under the assumption that RotR acts strictly under the laws of the video games, down to the base stats of each individual Pokemon. As a result, there are prejudices against certain Pokemon, derived from the thought that, "They're weak in the games, so they must be equall weak here." This is not so, as I've shown time and again that base stats from the game aren't necessarily the rule (see Forrest's or Bounty's Special Attack-based Aggrons,) and I think it's time an official post was made to correct/break this mindset.

-I don't think I've mentioned this very much, but it's something else I've been thinking about lately. Character development. Specifically, I think we could use more of it -- specifically darker developments than we've seen in most characters. I'm not going to be super strict about enforcing this, as it's mostly just a suggestion based on logic of war. The reason I'm mentioning it at all is the fact that, considering some of the more horrifiic acts that have been seen in the game (Bluefalcon, Blackskull and Ace's deaths, among others; wounds that have been inflicted; the sheer fact that the RPG is set in the middle of a war) -- and believe me, there will be more -- there should logically be darker effects of the minds of the characters than have been seen, especially those who are still teenagers. Adults in real life don't get through wars without some sort of effect on their psyche, so, even in a world of Pokemon, I wouldn't expect kids to go through it unscatched.

Again, I'm not going to be strict or extremely forceful about this, but I do think it would make the game more interesting to see darker internal conflcits pop up from time to time. I, for one, have a couple going on with a couple of characters -- Gavin, for instance, and Kyle, though to a less obvious extent -- and another that I know is in the works sounded incredibly interesting when it was described to me.

So yeah, just something to consider. Other than those two things, and the three changes I originally listed, I don't think there's anything else that I'm going to be majorly revamping once the game starts back up. Again, thoughts and opinions can be posted here. :) Parugi 23:56, May 29, 2011 (UTC)

Neya: Finally here. (Since the forums are down anyway and there's no advertising policy here, I can finally admit that the thing I've been distracted by is primarily [*sniped*-Neya]. Their [*sniped*-Neya] was the inspiration for SCI's name). Also, technically, Soil Colossus Inc. isn't exactly just a drilling company. They're more like "revolution business" backed with a lot of cash. But yeah, that entire arc really feels like a cheesefest in retrospect. Barring the Team Magma invasion, I've really gotten the feeling of them being "Organization Mary Sue." However, I'm more than willing to finally have them start working to eat away Team Rocket once Det is finished.

And yes, I'll try to have my characters lose a few fights. [/End Neya]

Still not a good idea to mention the names of other forums; if someone such as a BZP mod or admin happens to click a link to this wiki and then the link to this talk page... yeah. You get my drift, right? :P

Anyway, yeah. I wouldn't say the arc was a total waste of time or an entirely bad idea -- it did help in adding over 100 pages to the RPG and a lot of character-specific stuff came out of it (most of it good, some of it terrible; I won't lie, but I'm not going to go into another mini rant about it either); it was merely the rather ridiculous amount of time it took to get through it all that ruined it. That, and the whole "betrayed/re-kidnapped three times" thing (first time was my fault, admittedly, as I included the Gym Leaders. Second time was excusable because it was planned, but was a compelte gut punch to the TL members due to the Gym Leader thing. Third time was completely out of the blue and was what officially killed it, imo; I wasn't even very clear on what was going on at that point.)

Regardless, lesson learned, no? Use cliches sparingly. :P Parugi 04:52, June 4, 2011 (UTC)

So, after reading the status updates from B6, I've come to the realization that there is a very real possibility that we'll be moving into a fresh topic once the forums go back on-line. I've e-mailed him to confirm or disprove this, but I just want everyone to be aware of that fact, as well to tell you all that you need to be prepared to do a bit of digging in the original topic from time to time if this does turn out to be the case. If so, it may be a day or two before I get the topic reposted, because I'll most likely have to recode the entire first post. =/

-sigh- Oh, tragic consequences of improvement... Still, this won't affect ROTR as much as it will the BZPRPG and Day Run, so, meh.

Also, on the topic of this Wiki itself, I really need help in resorting certain pages so as to make them uniform. Specifically, I need character pages resorted into the format that, for instance, the Goldhawk page uses, and the info templates should be changed to the one on my pages -- infobox trainer, since that's what it's there for.

There are also a couple of legendary Pokemon I need editted. See the Darkrai page for the best example of what I'm looking for for these.

Thanks, everyone! ^_^

UPDATE!!: It's confirmed: We'll be in a new thread. Luckily B6 said he could send the coded first post to me, so I won't have to recode it. Phew! Still, it sucks that we're sort of losing our 250 pages. -.- Oh well. Parugi 03:08, June 20, 2011 (UTC)

Neya: We can still link to the original RPG and count pages from there-I'm probably going to need a refresher, given how long the upgrade has taken.

Also...when Scott, Reyna, Carl, and Victor get back...plenty of opportunities. Assuming Det is okay with it, having a battleship mode Ice Geode fight Darkrai might be a fairly awesome fight...

(also, Parugi: could you please post your email account? I would REALLY like a method of communication about a plot idea...)[/end Neya]

Oh, that was my plan. I just think it looks incredibly weird for the beginning of a new topic to be continuing from what was posted in another -- hence why I never post on the old forum I used to hang out on, because threads, as a rule, were continued in new topics once they reached 30 pages. X3

Anyway, the battleship thing would have to be run by Detranix, Alku and Kinali, but if you have another plot idea you can either send it to my personal e-mail ( or you can be the first to e-mail the official ROTR e-mail address ( 8D Parugi 21:41, June 22, 2011 (UTC)

Yay; looks like the forums should be back on-line soon. My prediction is that it'll be up within the next week or two. So y'all better hide yo' BIONICLEs, hide yo' games, and hide yo' everything else, cuz we'll be RPin' again soon -- and believe me when I say that a TON of new plots and decisions have been thought up and agreed upon in these last two and a half months. :D Parugi 00:39, July 20, 2011 (UTC)

Hola again. I'm back, late as usual. (It's Umbra, so you don't have to scroll all the way down to the sig) I've become addicted to yet another game, after my previous favorite was inconvieniently shut down...permanently. Anyway...if memory serves correctly, (and my memory of the past things in this RPG fade every day with these forums down) I actually had been showing the war's affects take a toll on Jayron in a few situations, and especially during the Silvermind rescue mission. He had some internal conficts after seeing rockets who looked a lot less like the 'model TR member', and more like people trying to survive. Probably one reason he was so relieved to hear GH's announcement for peace with the TR seperatists.

I hadn't come up with many conflicts with my other characters (other than Cyan's guilt over his failed project and Dara's issues with people), but I can always think something up. And as for physical damage...I suppose they could take a tumble or two. I don't remember well, but I think Jayron got shot on one occasion, or at least considerably wounded.

One final suggestion, especially for any members who might decide to join us in the future: add a summary (I can guarantee it won't be a short one, but oh well) to the first post about what's happened since the prologue you made before. That way any new people can catch up with the current status of the Rpg. Or, knowing that any summary about RotR would likely be absolutely huge, make a page on here with the summary and put a link on the first page to that. (We may already have a summary on here, and if we do, forgive me, because it's been a while) -Don’t blink, you might miss me. Umbra of Doom (talk) 05:42, August 15, 2011 (UTC)

A summary is all but required, given the fact that this will be a new topic, and therefore, unlike before, new members can't just scroll through the topic to find stuff. =P
Also, a quick question; had I missed anything before BZP went into upgrade mode? I just wanna get ready for whenever it does return. -- Blade
I missed half of it, too, because I forgot this Wiki existed after BZP went down. ^^; Can't wait for when it actually is back up. =P -- Blade

Honestly, I have no clue. Last thing I remember...the Omega Deoxys getting caught and Dara still fighting Ford's agent. Other than that...who knows. XD -Don’t blink, you might miss me. Umbra of Doom (talk) 05:01, August 16, 2011 (UTC)

OMG it's Blade! :P

Character Development: I should probably clarify that I'm not necessarily talking about super mental damage to people. Just so everyone knows that, and just so their characters don't all start developing, say, severe depression over the course of the game. :P

Anyway, what I'm mainly talking about is like, a more apparent progression of change in people. I acknowledge that a lot of characters have shown conflicts throughout the game, like Dara's distrust of people, for instance; however, very few of those cases have really changed that much throughout. That is what I'm mainly talking about -- characters are stated to have or develop issues that then hang around and come up fairly often, but never really evolve into anything new.

An example would be what I'm doing with Gavin, who started out with an inner drive for unspecific revenge, and who is, in due time, going to resolve that conflict with very little change of his overall view of the game, but will still result in a change of character. Over time, he's become less self-centered and more willing to help other people -- not to mention, he's become disillusioned with Team Rocket and essentially left them.

That's as best as I can clarify this right now. In short, progressive change is what I'm emphasizing when I say "character development."

Summary: TBH I hadn't given any thought ot his, but you guys are right, and as Blade said, it's pretty much required now. I'll hop to it as soon as BZP gets back up.

As for its format, it's most likely going to be its own page on here, or the first post (after the base post) in the topic will be dedicated to this, as there isn't going to be any room in the base post itself. Again, though, I can't do much for it without access to the RPG itself, so it'll have to wait.

Latest Events: Off the top of my head...

-The Legendary Beasts group (Sonja, Kyle, Zach and co.) were following Shekou up to Ekruteak City, iirc. We were heading that way, anyway.

-There was the Omega Deoxys and Dara vs. Quincy, as Umbra said.

-Gavin was tracking "someone" down in Lavender Town -- which relates to what I said above about his planned story arc.

-TL and TRS had just formed their alliance.

-Orange was infiltrating the Hojohsin base in Sootopolis. Along with that, James Arthur was planning an attack on the HL's "white house," so to speak, so as to get access to get James Pierce's computer.

-Ethan, Eric and Kothra's character, whose name escapes me, were tracking down the rest of the Team Aqua fanatics in Hoenn.

-Goldhawk was just about to finish his "trade" with Maxie for Silvermind.

-I think most other people were at Four Island, still hanging around after the announcement of the alliance mentioned above. I don't really remember much else involving most other people's charcaters, unfortunately.

So, yeah. As you can tell, BZP needs to hurry up and get back up before everyone forgets everything. >> Parugi 19:37, August 20, 2011 (UTC)

Yes; it's me! =P Again, I forgot about this, sorry. D=

1. That's true. I'd been working on my own stuff, like the Black/White/Grey(And Orange. =P) story arc that was just about to get underway. =P

2. Well, if you want a secondary post, then I think that might be a great idea. I'd be willing to host that too, if you wanted.(I don't think you can double post, even for an RPG...) 'Course; technically that's what the co-host is for, but erm... I kinda forget who the Co-host is. ^_^;

3. Yeah, that sounds about right. I didn't know if anyone had done anything in the time I was off(Though I had figured it was overnight =P) before BZP went down.

4. I agree. I'm likely outta luck though, was working on something before it went down, and I'm likely not gonna have access to my PMs or such, so I more or less have to start over on that. =P

-- Blade

1. I remember the set up for that, for the most part. This is another reason why the downtime is irritating me - it came at just the right moment to cut off a whole bunch of stories that were about to start or had just started. Though, admittedly, ROTR hasn't been hit as hard as DR almost definitely has. >>

2. It's Bundalings. XP But yeah, I'd appreciate having someone with above-average activity hosting the summary post. Heck, you don't even need to do the writing -- I can just PM updates for you to add onto it.

3. Other stuff might've happened; I don't know for sure, because it went off-line sometime between when I last checked it during lunch and the time I got back from school that day, so about two to three hours.

Which stinks, because I had been constructing an awesomesauce response to Lust/EW in the BZPRPG that I've since forgotten. Not to mention what was happening in DR and Island of Pain... >>

4. From the sounds of it the PM system hasn't really been touched at all. Hopefully (*crosses fingers*) nothing was deleted, though, because if so that's a good two, maybe two and a half years worth of GM and plot information for multiple stories and RPGs gone out the window. =/ Parugi 00:03, August 21, 2011 (UTC)

[Neya] 1. I was hoping for a chance to use Victor-making a character explicitly for Unova was in part to help out people there-while letting me have a character calmly distanced from the action. I agree the downtime is annoying.

2. I'd be willing to help out a bit more. I would still have to balance that with the fact I've gone WAY more active on another site's Pokemon flavor project (coughCAPASBsinceitdoesn'tseemlikethesiteisanywherenearfinishedtransferringIdon'thavetonecessarilyobservetheadvertisingrulesyetcough) in the absence of BZPower, but I would be willing to help out nonetheless.

3. ...And that's not even considering the stuff I was hoping to resolve with Parugi.

4. Yeah. I honestly don't have much to say.

However, until then...why not temporarily make a spinoff RPG? It could keep interest up for those who frequent the wiki, perhaps codify a few points that could later come up, etc. I'm not certain about the idea, although I'd like to hear a response.


I'll address Parugi first, then you, Neya. =P


1. Yeah, I agree... on both counts. =/ I wonder what'll happen for the Bionicle RPGs? I mean, would they just allow them to be reposted, regardless of the fact that probably two contests have come and gone since the downtime? =/

2. Alright then. =) And yeah, it'd make sense, because it'd likely have to be updated a lot, as the RPG progressed further. =P

3. Yeah... You can't really tell for sure, unless the Wayback Machine has the last moments before BZP started it's downtime. =P And yeah; DR and Island of Pain were starting very interesting things, as well. =/

4. Hopefully. I'm crossing my fingers as well... But yeah, that is a really good point. =/ Worst comes to worst, if the PM system is still intact, but on the old forum, I hope you can log in, just to look around... Like; not touch anything, but view the old Control Panel(The stuff where you could change your avvies and such, since it had that notepad, which I used a lot. =P) and PMs. Just not update either, since it's gonna be an archive. But yeah; not just in our RPGs, but everything would be affected. I wonder how they'll handle the people whose Premierships ran out during the downtime? I never did figure out how long mine was for, so I have no clue if it'll still be up or not. xD


1. Well, there were things about to happen in Unova; it was in the setup process for the most part when BZP went down, but once it gets back, we should be back in order. =)

2. Yeah. I think a lot of us will have to look between different forums and go, 'Hmm, now what?' as soon as BZP returns. =P

3. Yeah... A lot of stuff was about to happen, right when BZP went offline. =/ On the bright side, because of the downtime, we were safe well after the anniversary of the RPG being created. =P We just... Couldn't post. =P

4. A spinoff RPG might be an interesting idea... Would it take place about the same time, but not interact with much in the main RPG, or would it use the same characters from RotR? But an RPG to keep up interest would be a good idea. =)

General stuff;

Just curious, but does anyone happen to have any way of getting, say, the profiles from right before the Downtime? I hadn't added White's profile, and figured I may as well work on some of the pages on here so it's not as barren. =P

-- Blade

The idea is simply to . Once BZPower heads back up [or B6 announces that they've finally stopped running into issues], it would be wrapped up, locked [to remove the implications of the advertising rules,] and linked.

One last brief broaching of the subject of stat bias (sorry to open old wounds)...while I'm able to understand it to a degree, I have to question the idea of Pokemon not having natural tendencies towards a specific stat-and the fact that I could very well make a Shuckle named Kapura then give it insane speed and attack, at the cost of defenses being about that of a normal mon. And what if I decide to introduce an incredibly slow Deoxys-S? I'm willing to tolerate special attacking Aggrons-I would still think that they'd get slightly more mileage with physical attacks in terms of raw power, but that Aggron's special movepool justifies the means. I believe that while Pokemon should be a bit more even than base stats, base stats should still be used as rough guidelines. If you want to use Luvdisc, guile your way to victory and be creative-it will actually stand a chance normally now without that, but expect to lose more matches with it than not if you don't roleplay it in clever and practical ways. -Neya

Since Neya's last edit was on a standalone topic, I'm going to address that before saying anything else.

My point about the stats is less in regards to the whole "predisposed to be good at something" idea as it is towards the "this Pokémon has bad stats in-game and therefore is bad in the RPG" attitude that I've run into a couple of times, which ties into the whole "game mechanics apply 100%" idea that I've also seen. In general, I'm fine with you guys treating Pokémon as having natural specialties, with a comparitively smaller amount of those same Pokémon specializing in different areas; however, what I am not fine with is people treating the games -- and especially the super zealous, on-line competitive aspect of them -- as the be all, end all statement on a Pokémon's usefulness and abilities in the RPG. While it may be impossible to train an effective and powerful Luvdisc/Wigglytuff/whatever on the DS, the same doesn't necessarily apply here, simply because ROTR's mechanics aren't the same as the games.

To be specific, the games act on what is essentially static gameplay -- everything is, for the most part, set down to calculations and specific effects, I.E. stats. What the games don't take into account are things like movement; size; the environment (aside from the weather.) Because of that, something like Wigglytuff or Luvdisc are fairly easy pickings in the games. In the RPG, however, that is not the case, because those variables that are ignored in the games are taken into account here. A Pokémon who normally doesn't have that great of defensive or speed capabilities in the games -- such as, say, Golurk -- can very quickly become a massive threat if, say, his size is drastically increased, causing his body to become so thick that attacks have very little effect on him and his strides to become so long and powerful that every step he takes causes earthquakes and 20-foot-wide indents around his feet, resulting in the requirement for actual strategy against him, as opposed to just "Use type advantages!"

Long story short, ROTR mechanics allow even the simplest of targets in the games to become massive threats in the RPG. That is what I'm talking about. Don't write off those weak Pokémon just because of numbers that are given to you by a game.

Anyway, on the other topics:

1. Last I heard -- this may not still be the case -- the summer contest was skipped and the previous winners -- the ones currently running -- can just continue on. However, it remains to be seen if that still holds true considering the fact that the summer term is virtually over.

My guess is that if the forums were to come back on-line right now, the RPGs would continue, but the Fall contest would still be done, due to the fact that tomorrow marks the exact spot where the last winners' play was cut off in terms of their terms. Again, though, I don't have a definitive answer.

2. Pfft; you people and your other forums. I'm not in that position due to the fact that I've been concentrated on researching for writing, coming up with future plots (which I've made a lot of, and they are all awesome) and getting back into anime. <3

3. You could always e-mail me, Neya... I posted my address like you asked. Waaay up this page. :P

4. Not much to say. However, my PMship won't run out until April, so I'm good. B)

Also, on the character profiles, no. Unless you do a really specific Google search for her profile, then you might find a cached page of some sort, but other than that, I'm afraid you'll have to wait. :3

5. TBH I don't really think a down-time RPG would really be worth it. The projections I've been hearing are that BZP will be up by the end of September at the latest. Not to mention, we would have to find a forum to host it on, I would have to write the whole thing up, and before that I'd have to figure out at what time to set it and what the story would be, then we'd have to get in contact with people whom I don't currently have contact with, and it'd just be a big mess.

So, my suggestion is... Plan. For when the forums come back up. And the RPG resumes. There are tons of cached pages if you google ROTR, so it shouldn't be that difficult to get a grip on what was happening last. =) Parugi 06:28, August 24, 2011 (UTC)

I think you both covered the Game Mechanics stuff very well. =P So, I'll just stay out of this for now. =P

1. I see then. Makes sense; but hopefully Day Run will be able to continue on for a little while at the least. This is only the second big downtime I've been involved in, and I technically wasn't a member yet for the first. =P

2. That makes sense. =P I kinda had to be on the other forum I was on, since well, I basically run it, but... =P However, I wouldn't mind trying to find the profiles that are not on here, and then adding them to the Wiki. Along with maybe helping to update on what's happened, though most will have to be from memory for obvious reasons. =P

4. True. =P You more or less got it right before the Downtime started, if I remember correctly. =P(You must've given that last bit of money they needed to start all the upgrades. =P)

Figured. I'll try to find it somehow; but if not, not much I can do. =P No-one happens to remember White's first name, do they? I'm trying to remember, but I've used a lot of names for different things over the past few months. D=

5. By the end of September? Well that's reasonable, and more of a concrete date than what I've found. =P Though; technically if we had gone through with this couldn't we just use a Wiki page? It wouldn't be as easy, but if we continually used the IC and OOC tags, along with our sigs, and remembered to archive it every so often, that part wouldn't be a problem. You bring up a point about the rest of the stuff, though.

I'll try that for a few things, like White's profile. No guarantees of course, but if I can get a recent cache, and figure out where White's profile is, theoretically I'd have access to the entire RPG. I'm good at manipulating Caches to get info. =P -- Blade

1. Indeed.

4. oh noes so it was my fault noooooooo!

And no. IIRC it was some sort of Japanese-sounding name, but I don't remember exactly what it was.

5. That's true. I'll think about it. Parugi 22:11, August 24, 2011 (UTC)

1. Yep. I was just considering joining when that happened. ... Aaaand then my account ran into some problems, so I didn't officially join until August. Speaking of which, I've been there approximately 3 years now I believe. =O I join in either 07 or 08... I believe it was '07 though, so that'd put me at 4 years. Makes a little more sense too. =P

4. =P Nah, was likely a bunch of reasons, though it didn't hurt. =P

Yeah; I know her last name was Shirayuki(Or something like that); but I- ... WAIT I REMEMBER! =D It was Summer; since I did that whole opposite naming thing, since Shirayuki means snow or something like that. And Summer is not when snow is around, for obvious reasons. =P I'll have to look tomorrow for the profile, then. =)

5. Alright, I was just pointing it out; since forums aren't necessarily needed. However, if downtime's so close to being over, unless it's something disconnected from everything(Or serves as backstory), it's likely not an idea that would work well. But, it's your choice in the end. =) --<span style="background-color:grey; color:limegreen; border-left:thin solid limegreen; border-top:thin solid limegreen; border-bottom:thin solid limegreen; font-size:8pt;">Blade<span style="background-color:black; color:red; border:thin solid limegreen; font-size:8pt;">Talk Page.ContributionsThe war of secrets has only started. 01:41, August 25, 2011 (UTC)

5. Hm.... Maybe we could make a page for people who want to to post short stories expanding on the backgrounds of some of their characters? That, imo, would be easier to do than an entire other RPG to have to figure out.

Plus, the majority of characters really haven't had their backgrounds explored all that much, and this seems like a good opportunity to do so. Parugi 05:08, August 25, 2011 (UTC)

5. That might work. Would be an interesting thing to do. =)

Also, forgive me if my sig messes up; I'm still trying to figure it out, and well... It's not going very well. =P -- Blade

All righty. Once I get more opinions on it, I will set up the page. So... opinions?

And k. Parugi 05:44, August 26, 2011 (UTC)

Well, I've been working on a 6- or 7-part backstory for my Rocket character, Dack Majors (great use of the downtime!). I had planned on simply posting the parts once a day or so once the forums were back up. Konuju


Fashionably late in conversation as usual...(if you haven't figured out who that is yet, read some of the entries WAY up near the top XD)

...*reads previous entries since departure*


Noo!!! Not my notepad! O_o I have all my battle counts recorded on there, so I know how many battles a pokemon needs for evolution. If that thing gets wiped, I'm gonna be super-unhappy. I have a few other extremely important Bzp-related things on there as well. So...I'm not sure I really want to know what will become of it, because I doubt it will be good.

...Don't you remember the good old days when it was random messages and bubble wrap? What happened to that? If we still had the bubble wrap, it wouldn't matter how long this took XD. Man, if Bzpower never has this problem again, I promise never to complain about server busy messages and day-long maintenance periods again.

(Don't hold me to that promise)

Oh, and approximately two weeks from now is the celebration of my...6th(?) year on Bzp, if memory serves me well enough (can't remember if I had the vakama or norik spinny). There will be very little celebrating if nothing changes between now and then. Ah well.

...*Poof again* -Don’t blink, you might miss me. Umbra of Doom (talk) 08:51, September 3, 2011 (UTC)

Oh? Who's that? ... Umbra... Rings a bell, not sure why though. *Sees it's a clear bell* Ah, that explains it all. =P

Yeah, lot of stuff in mine too... No battle counts, but you bring up a good point there. =P But, a lot of other RPG stuff. =/

Same here. And Bubblewrap might still be around, but good luck finding it's filename, and if it's still up on the server. =P

Yeah... My anniversary came and passed with no celebration, since the site's still down. =P Hopefully it's not much longer... There aren't any caches, so I can't really do anything in terms of updating any profiles aside from expanding it and such. =/

--BladeTalk Page.ContributionsThe war of secrets has only started. 14:11, September 3, 2011 (UTC)

[Neya]So... according to B6, there's no ETA for the site to get back up.

...Any suggestions to keep interest alive? (October 3, 2011)[/Neya]

..... blaaaaaaaaaah.......... I've no new ideas. At all. I really don't want to do a downtime RPg, though -- with the majority of people not active on here, it'd leave a lot of people in the dust on new events once the forums come back.

The only things I can think of doing are either the short stories idea above; mass page editing to fill in character backgrounds, e.g. stuff that happened but wasn't actually shown in the RPG due to being backstory; or we could jsut have some gigantic, massive discussion of various topics within the RPG, on a separate page. The lattermost thing Iv'e found has actually yielded some interesting results when talking to people like Alku, not to mention, now that I think about it, there's enver really been very much discussion of the RPG's events in the past...

Bleh. idk. --Parugi 02:07, October 4, 2011 (UTC)

Discussion might help things. While this turn of events is kinda disheartening(Though it does sound like it's FINALLY getting near the end of the upgrades); we have to keep hope that it'll be back up by the end of the year.

I agree about not doing a downtime RPG; too many variables, like what can or can't happen due to messing things up when it returns unless we set something in the past.

However, there's also the fact that we have discussed a lot of things already... Even though there's obviously still a 20 year gap we don't know about. ;) --BladeTalk Page.ContributionsThe war of secrets has only started. 16:26, October 5, 2011 (UTC)

Indeed. And as I said on... a certain social networking site... the less complaints are voiced about the downtime, the quicker it'll be back -- and, actually, to keep this place from degenerating into another hole, I'd actually appreciate it if the gripes were kept to a minimum here. The wiki's the only place I've found that isn't full of mindless griping, so I'd like it to stay that way. :P

But yeah, anyway, that's part of my point; on top of the 20 year gap, which I've been thinking of writing an extended story for so as to fill in, I haven't actually seen any speculation on what people like Ford and Sleight are really up to -- which, again, after talking to people like Alku and Detranix, I've found such speculation to be really fun and interesting to read. Not to mention it's a good community builder, and I'd be more than happy to contribute hints to the discussions to add an extra bit of interest for people.

It's up to you guys, though. If you want, I can try and get something worked out with the community portal thing so that we have a place for this stuff to happen; it's just a matter of opinion. --Parugi 00:14, October 6, 2011 (UTC)

Well, there's another place, but I can't exactly mention it, especially with BZP being so close to coming back up. =P But yeah, that makes sense.

That's a really good point. I'm not quite sure myself, though Ford does seem to be trying to slowly slip into taking control of the four regions... Though why, I have no clue. =P

Yeah... That might be a good idea as well. Or at least find some way to get that off and replace it with a similar, yet 'fixed' community portal. Because as it is now, there's no way to fix that, because it heads to a totally different Wiki... And that seems to be simply because of the way the name was set up.

On an unrelated note, YES YES YES! The control panels are preserved! =D Now I can start on writing stuff in one of my many stories again. ^_^ And of course editing; I'll get to adding Summer's page sometime in the next few days, with luck. --BladeTalk Page.ContributionsThe war of secrets has only started. 16:20, October 10, 2011 (UTC)

Oh? You guys hadn't done any posts after I posted? Wow. And here I was worried about missing stuff. =P Well, that should help me out then. Let's get started then... As a famous Doctor once said... Allons y! --BladeTalk Page.ContributionsThe war of secrets has only started. 16:26, October 10, 2011 (UTC)

Oh, he's after more than that... or less, depending on how you would define his major goals...

Ah yeah; I'd actually noticed that little problem last week. Still, we do, technically, have the "Wiki forum", which is hsoted on this Wiki and not the other, general Pokémon one. but idk; it seemed really confusing to use.

And yes; I'm especially happy since this means that we can actuallt get some worthwhile, RPG-made information up now. ^_^ --Parugi 22:04, October 11, 2011 (UTC)

We're so gonna have to archive this after BZP's back. xD

Hmm... Intriguing. =P Well, I like good twists. That's partially why I'm not guessing too much. =P

Well, that's mostly because the Community Portal merely has links to other stuff... The Wiki Forum indeed works perfectly, since it doesn't try to reference a non-existent place. =P And the most confusing part that'd be about that forum, is the fact that it's set up identically to talk pages. xD They were tossing a different look around, however, which is the odd thing; especially since that different look was thought up like 3 years ago. 0_o

Yep. Definitely gonna be awesome. =D We can also fill in history from the RPG, as well. =) And any characters that hadn't gotten put on here yet can have their profiles added... Like White. =) --BladeTalk Page.ContributionsThe war of secrets has only started. 13:37, October 12, 2011 (UTC)


I see. XP I can say that everyone will be extremely surprised by what he's eventually going to do... as well as what rules he breaks as a character to achieve that goal. Needless to say, I had a LOT of fun during the downtime working out the rest of Ford as a character. I think the results will bring some new and fresh twists to the game. :P

Well... there IS a different commenting style thingy that I can turn on to modify the way talk pages work, but.... I'm not sure how well it would translate...

Indeed. I said that on the main page. :P Though that reminds me; I need to fill in Lyxek's information on Kyle's page... --Parugi 04:57, October 13, 2011 (UTC)

1. Luckily there's a way to only edit one section, or this would be hard to manage. =P

2. Sounds very interesting; can't wait to see what happens. =)

3. Oh, it's optional? From the sounds of talk going on at the Bleach Wiki, it doesn't sound like it'll be that way for long; but I'm willing to give it at least a partial chance first. Unless it's totally different from what I'm thinking you're referring to, but I'm still willing to give it a shot. =P I mean, it can be turned off again, correct?

4. Yeah; I saw that. =P I'll hopefully get started on that either tonight or Saturday. Maybe tomorrow, but definitely not tomorrow night. =P --BladeTalk Page.ContributionsThe war of secrets has only started. 14:02, October 13, 2011 (UTC)

Universal page styles? Edit

Sooo looking at a bunch of character pages... They're really not uniformed... XD

Anyone else think we should set up a standard page layout for factions, characters and bases and whatnot? Not all at once, at this very moment, but as we go on? Parugi 03:02, October 7, 2010 (UTC)

Agreed. Most of the character pages use this or a very similar layout: History, Personality, Appearance, Pokemon, Quotes, and Trivia. I usually set up new pages based off previous ones that you, Neya, Glados, or I made, since they all tend to be constructed the same way.

In the case of new pages like Thomas', which Yawn just set up, I at least helped out by putting in an infobox template and filling out as much of it as I could. We're making progress at least. I may set up some pages for the (living members of the) Williams family (ELoM's characters), but it will take a bit of looking, and I may have to pm ELoM to get the details on them. Also, I need some help in getting Geoff's page finished, as I haven't found his profile yet. -Umbra of Doom 06:22, October 7, 2010 (UTC)

Yeah; I mostly just added stuff to my characters' pages based off the stuff on Umbra's pages. =P I'd support a universal style of page for each. Especially locations. ;P --BladeTalk Page.ContributionsThe war of secrets has only started. 18:56, October 7, 2010 (UTC)


Hey, can anyone tell me the current Retrieval teams, which side they are for and what they are hunting? I probably should know this...but I fell behind >.< HeyimShadok 10:13, June 14, 2010 (UTC)


I'm sorry, but doesn't the color scheme of the whole wiki seem... I don't know, eye-searing? The black-and-red makes me dizzy...

Ikkad555 04:18, June 11, 2010 (UTC)
Kind of what I thought, actually. It should be better now, but if you want to, you can choose your own skin to use for the wiki in your settings. :3 Parugi 04:55, June 11, 2010 (UTC)
Holy Miltank that was fast. =o
Ikkad555 05:38, June 11, 2010 (UTC)

Boom! Grammar Hammer! Edit

It is a sandbox-RPG, with little ristrictions that are in use and general freedom for the player.

Ristrictions? I think it's supposed to be Restrictions; but I can't edit it. =P /EDIT: Dang signature stuff... --Blade 19:44, March 14, 2011 (UTC)

Fixing... Parugi 23:08, May 15, 2011 (UTC)

Revamping parts of Wiki Edit

As an additional announcement regarding the changes to the RPG, 'm also working on/will be working on the Wiki as a whole over the summer and, in general, jsut until I think it's prettyful enough. :)

Things already done include a welcome pic on the front page, changed colors from that terrible gray-blue combo, and finally revamped Goldhawk, Bluefalcon and Blackskull pages. Now, on to other stuff! *whoosh* Parugi 02:36, May 22, 2011 (UTC)

The Pokedex Holders Edit

I recall we had a discussion on this, and I know you said nowadays in the RPG they didn't count, I'm meaning this more as the named characters from the different things like Adventures/Special.

Could I start to make pages for the important characters like Red, Blue, and Yellow? Not Green, for obvious reasons(Nice referencing of the US naming scheme, even if that's only by accident. =P), but...

Also, when BZP comes back, I think I might have some questions for you. =P --BladeTalk Page.ContributionsThe war of secrets has only started. 15:37, September 5, 2011 (UTC)

Oh goody; questions. 8D

Anyway, yeah, go ahead and make pages for them. And you could still make one for Green -- even if she is dead she was a character who did a lot off-screen. --Parugi 17:48, September 5, 2011 (UTC)

Yep, questions. A lot involve time travel, interestingly enough. =P

That's true. One thing first; what about the personalities? I mean, not all of them are the same across the canon, so unless we expressively say that the multiple counterparts are all in here(Like Red and Ash), then we may run into some problems when the personalities are slightly differing. ;) Same for the Pokemon, though a mix could be used there, if there's no multiple counterparts. --BladeTalk Page.ContributionsThe war of secrets has only started. 18:10, September 5, 2011 (UTC)

eh.... time travel....

From what I've noticed -- and this is arguably the case -- because the anime incarnations of characters like Red and Blue are quite different from their manga counterparts, it's generally been shown that both anime and manga characters exist -- such as, for example, Red and Ash are both in the RPG. The merging only really happens with the game and manga characters, mainly due to the fact that the mangas could just be seen as more in-depth tellings of the games' storylines. So, for their personalities... it's pretty much up in the air. I think Blue, Red and Yellow all kept their... Adventure (IIRC) personalities, so I would just use that as a base where applicable --though I'm not entirely sure if that's the exact one I'm thinking considering the fact that I haven't really read any of it. Still, the idea is still there. Parugi 18:25, September 5, 2011 (UTC)

Heh heh heh. xD But yeah, mostly it's a case of what-ifs. =P

Well, Blue and yellow are fairly obvious... Yellow because she's Adventure-only, and Blue because, as you say, it's an expansion of the game character... And I really like Adventures. =P And Red, I believe you did a very good job with Red's personality, for not reading Adventures. =)(And for the game's version of Red having only this to say: .............. ............

But yeah, Adventures/Special(Which is the one I always mention to you), is what I more or less base stuff off of, and is where I keep getting the name 'Pokedex Holders' from. =P But okay. Now, what about the characters from the different manga, that aren't exclusive to that?(Like, where there's Adventure Red, there's also the other first gen Manga, which I can't remember the name of, but has a version of Red/Ash that has a talking Clefairy) Would they be like... Relatives? Or something else similar to that? Anime and manga stuff I understand splitting now(I knew we merged some, but I couldn't remember which. =P), but I'm not sure about that situation. Just a little clarity while we wait, since stuff like this is all we have to do. =P

But as for stuff like the Adventures characters(At least the Pokedex Holders we've shown), I'll start on them within a day or two. =) --BladeTalk Page.ContributionsThe war of secrets has only started. 20:42, September 5, 2011 (UTC)

Mm........ unless something story-related happened in a drastically different way in the talking Clefairy one compared to Adventure/Special, I, honestly, would just comepletely disregard it's existence. Same with other side-mangas. Like I said, it's difficult to make a call when I don't know the material, but I think it'd be way too much of a hassle to try to implement all of the different ones into the RPG -- especially if the general events of them all are virtually the same.

So... *shrug* Parugi 21:32, September 5, 2011 (UTC)

Alright then. =P Yeah, I was kinda thinking the same thing, but since you're the one who makes the final decisions, I figured I'd ask you first. =) I believe the events of that manga was pretty much the same as the game, however... But I'm not certain; I've only read Adventures. =P

And okay. Got up a Gym Leader page, so there's the original 5(if you count Green as original, seeing as she was Adventures/concept art only until gen 3. =P) Pokedex Holders.

Now, slightly off topic of this, but can I put up a 'recruited trainers' section to both the Rockets and Liberty pages? I'd be going off memory only, along with certain pages that have info on that, but I think it could amount to something, and would save tons of editing when we gain access to the old topic. =P --BladeTalk Page.ContributionsThe war of secrets has only started. 21:39, September 5, 2011 (UTC)

Oh, one other very quick question... How do we handle the fact that Adventures goes back and forth aging the characters(Like instead of FireRed/LeafGreen taking place concurrently with R/G/B, it takes place like 3 years after the GSC arc and so)? Do we just ignore the possible canon issues, or do we assume that while that stuff happens, it takes place at a very slower pace for the stuff that's not set in stone?(Like three months instead of three years for the FR/LG arc) Just wondering that, mostly for Timeline purposes, and for what age Blue's supposed to be. =P --BladeTalk Page.ContributionsThe war of secrets has only started. 21:49, September 5, 2011 (UTC)

Recrutied Trainers Section: Go ahead.

Timeline: I'll probably have to get back to you on this unless this answer answers your question: Assume all of that stuff happened before the Black and White story, keeping eveyrhting as-is, and then from the end of the Black and White story the ROTR story starts.

Not sure how helpful that is, but I don't have time for a longer reply atm. Parugi 21:54, September 5, 2011 (UTC)

Alright then. I think that might help, given that we don't really even know what happens when from the end of Emerald to start of Black/White, so if any problems are found later, we could always figure it out at a later date. =) And really, for now that's all I really need to know, that I can just use the current-canon stuff for the moment. =P --BladeTalk Page.ContributionsThe war of secrets has only started. 21:59, September 5, 2011 (UTC)

Hey, Parugi, you might be glad to know that at least one of my Time Travel questions was answered by the Celebi page. =P --BladeTalk Page.ContributionsThe war of secrets has only started. 17:58, September 6, 2011 (UTC)
[Neya]Problems found-Team Plasma would need a while to get a reputation change worthy of a metamorphosis into a legitimate political party. At the end of B/W, N is soul-searching with his Dragon, and the player character has the other, while Team Plasma is virtually shattered. [/Neya]
No one ever said that TP was elected right after Black and White. There's twenty/twenty-one years between B/W and the current time in ROTR for them to have evolved; I imagine the actual rise to power would have taken place within the last ten years. Parugi 07:37, December 4, 2011 (UTC)

Community Portal Edit

While technically that's not used... I think it's wise to point out that the Community Portal currently leads to the Pokemon Wiki, and not our Community Portal. =P

And I'm sorry for giving people a lot of reading to do today, if they like to read over all the edits on the Recent Changes. =P --BladeTalk Page.ContributionsThe war of secrets has only started. 18:15, September 6, 2011 (UTC)


I honestly have no idea as to how I can change that link, so... it's kind of stuck as is atm. Parugi 22:58, September 6, 2011 (UTC)

Alright then. If you want; I could attempt to redirect it or something, though again, it's not like it's used right now anyway. =P And since there's more important things to be done... --BladeTalk Page.ContributionsThe war of secrets has only started. 23:01, September 6, 2011 (UTC)



Yes, this is Parugi. Now, before anyone asks, no, the RPG still isn't coded, so it's not back up yet. I will try my hardest to get it back up by tomorrow, but don't count on that. Once I get word from Black Six, I am also probably going to get Day Run back up, for those of you who are players in that, as well.

Anyway, PARTY! - Parugi

Woot! It's back! Now, I see you've got the first post up, do we just start now, then? Just want to ask before I do anything. --BladeTalk Page.ContributionsThe war of secrets has only started. 01:16, October 14, 2011 (UTC)

BZP Edit

It really doesn't have luck with staying online, does it. xD

If there's even a bit of a bright side here, though, it's that I have a little more time to try and think up my tie in. Got an idea for something I'll need to get for Zach once the Downtime's over, though. =) --BladeTalk Page.ContributionsThe war of secrets has only started. 15:07, April 28, 2012 (UTC)

Curiously, this kind of thing always happens when something big occurs in RotR. Like anniversaries. >_>

Sigh. Oh well; I wasn't planning on being online for most of today, anyway... Have a good break, everyone! Parugi 19:04, April 28, 2012 (UTC)

Yeah, I've noticed that. That's two years in a row now. xD
Is nice to have a break, though, but I hope it doesn't turn into another half-year downtime... =/ --BladeTalk Page.ContributionsThe war of secrets has only started. 13:35, April 29, 2012 (UTC)
I doubt it's that extreme. Once Bink and the others patch up whatever security holes are present the issue should be dealt with.
It'd be even better if they decided to contact some higher authority to help deal with this guy, but past experience tells me that that won't happen. Parugi 03:28, April 30, 2012 (UTC)
True. This is definitely worse than some stuff, though, considering what's been happening, at least yesterday... =/ But, hopefully they can recover from this quickly. --BladeTalk Page.ContributionsThe war of secrets has only started. 13:34, April 30, 2012 (UTC)
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