Pokemon: Rise of the Rockets Wiki

This is a list of the story arcs in RotR.


First Topic

  • Weather Trio Recruitment
  • The Rogue Clone
  • The Lost Champion (Cynthia is recruited to TR)
  • Battle of Four Island (Team Rocket raids Four Island)
  • The Snowpoint Avalanche (Regigigas buries Snowpoint)
  • Ariadne, Twins, and Triplets (Many Legendaries are recruited to TR)
  • The Unown Swarm
  • The Three Heroes (Three people from Sinnoh are chosen to represent Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina)
  • Forming Team Energon (Cyan makes a terrible mistake)
  • Attack on Paradise I (Silvermind makes a terrible mistake)
  • Ford's Reveal (Ford shows up to taunt the Liberty leaders)
  • Attack on Paradise II (Scott Stone makes a terrible mistake)
  • The Search for Manaphy (Everyone makes a terrible mistake)
  • Hojohsin Rising (Everyone forgot about Hoenn)
  • Crossing Factions (Zach, Kyle, and Gavin travel through Kanto, and have a run-in with 'Black')
  • Releasing the Ancients (Nine Ancient Darkrai are released from captivity)

Second Topic

  • The Shiny Beasts (A group is called to Ecruteak City on their way to Unova)
  • The White House (James trolls James)
  • The Return and Fall of Team Aqua (Archie makes a terrible mistake)
  • Wrath of the Ancients (The Ancients begin to cover the regions in void space)
  • Travel Across Unova (The Shiny Beast group heads through Unova)
    • Trouble in Castelia (Maddison Hayes' plot to destroy the city)
    • Competing in the Tournament (Richard wins by doing nothing)
  • Dealing with Void (Dack's travel across Sinnoh to reawaken the region)
  • The Power Suits (Meghan Vert makes a terrible mistake)
  • Black and White Mortality (Gerald ruins everything)
  • A Song of Ash and Fate (Jackson Sang has a bad day)
  • Confronting the Ancients (Light versus Darkness to determine who controls the world)
  • An Uneasy Peace (A ceasefire is called, and a six month timeskip)
    • The Sins Awaken (Everyone forgot about Hoenn again)
  • The Sins Attack (People embodying the seven sins attack others who embody those sins)
    • Goldenrod Rage
    • The Jealousy of Team Galactic
    • The Wants and Wishes of Team Liberty
    • The Fortree Gluttonee
    • Pride and Prejudice
  • Cianwood You Kindly? (Everybody loses their minds)
  • A Garden Uprooted (Alistair kidnaps Dahlia and makes himself two enemies)
  • A Sleight Issue (Sleight hired Jackson Sang to look for his missing child)
  • Hojohsin's Plans (Hojohsin gets aggressive)
  • Team Zephyr's Celadon Adventure (Team Zephyr takes over the Celadon Department Store)
  • A Journey to Yourself (Ellen tries to fix Chrono)
  • Trouble in Opelucid (Someone named Kane causes trouble and everyone's annoyed)
  • The Dance (Ryan makes a terrible mistake)
  • Dealing with Gerald (Gerald appears again)
  • A Psychic Intervention (Zach's mind is toyed with, Seatons get caught in the crossfire)
  • Wilting Connections (Tensions threaten the Seaton siblings, leaving Dahlia to hold the family together)
  • A Mind Trip Through Kalos (Esen and Kyle take a trip to Kalos and meet peeps like Cero)
  • Wreaking Havoc (Magma ded)
  • Seven Island Adventure (Jayron and Colette investigate mysterious happenings on Seven Island)
  • The Alamos Ghosts (Things occur in Alamos)
  • Two Wrongs Don't Make a Wright
    • Snares in Snowpoint
    • Groudon Eats Sootopolis (Groudon appears on a rampage in Sootopolis, but not everything is as it seems...)
    • Summer Wars (Celedon City has "a small war")
  • The Fortree Fracas (A Hayes-y situation occurs)
  • Jupiter Descending (Jupiter seeks out the quiet life. Some people are less than cooperative.)
  • Spirited A-Ray (McKinley makes a terrible mistake)
  • MissingEntry (Ford makes a terrible mistake)


  • Legendary Recruitments
    • Celebi for Liberty
    • Ho-oh for Liberty
    • Three Latios, three Latias, and a bunch of Deoxys for Rocket
  • Gym Leader Recruitments
  • Elite Four Recruitments
  • Famous Trainer Recruitments
    • Blue and Yellow for Liberty