Space is a power bestowed by Palkia upon his selected Heroes.

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  • Teleportation via portals: User conjures portals to warp to areas, with distance traveled being dependent on proficiency with said ability.
    • Attacking with Portals: User can conjure two portals, and cast an extremity into one and attack from the other portal. Limited to two portals at once. Duration of portals' conjuring determined by proficiency and stamina of user. Also known as Thinking with Portals.
  • Spacial Vision: User gains the ability to see "ripples", which can be used to determine spacial disturbances, such as teleportation. Being more proficient allows the user to home in on specific disturbances. Also known as Eyes of Palkia.
  • Spacial Grasp: Allows the user to forcibly teleport target(s) towards them by "erasing the space between them", with distance being determined on proficiency. Can also be used as a "short-range" option for teleportation, without necessitating the use of portals, as long as the user is moving. Also known as Palkia's Grasp.
  • Spacial Rend: Grants the user the use of Palkia's Spacial Rend attack, allowing them to tear at the foe and the space around them, by way of a pink crescent of Spacial Energy. Proficiency allows the attack to be used more often without tiring.
  • Summon Palkia: An ability to be used only as a last resort. The user summons the Spacial Pokemon, Palkia, to fight alongside them. Due to the sheer amount of energy used to summon Palkia, users will usually be rendered unconscious. Users who are dying will perish due to said cost. Requires a great deal of proficiency with the previous abilities to use effectively.
  • Power Transference: The user temporarily grants another the power to harness Space. Duration and intensity is affected by how much the user grants, but limited to a certain level. Carries chances of both affected to share memories. User's power is reduced based on amount given. Abilities are character specific.

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  • Spacial Grasp was inspired by Okuyasu Nijimura's Nijimura's Stand, The Hand, from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, using it to similar effect in the fourth part of the series.
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