Pokemon: Rise of the Rockets Wiki
Soil Colossus, Inc.
Leader(s) Carl Sandrock
Controlled Regions Formerly active in Hoenn and Sinnoh
Bases Colossoil
Goals Defeat Team Rocket
Status Defunct
Enemies Team Rocket
Team Liberty

Soil Colossus, Inc. was a drilling company that began participating in the Rocket-Liberty War in the year before the Rocket-Liberty Truce. Led by Carl Sandrock, it mainly fought against Team Rocket, though earned a place as an enemy of Team Liberty following their kidnapping of Liberty Executive Silvermind. The organization was destroyed by Team Rocket during the Ancient Darkrais' takeover of Sinnoh and Hoenn.




Joining the War

Attack on Paradise




The Alpha Manaphy






The headquarters of Soil Colossus, Inc. following their involvement in regions outside of Sinnoh. The base was commissioned and built shortly after Soil Colossus's betrayal at Paradise, when Sandrock decided it was time to become active in the war. As a result of its rushed construction, the base was plagued by many errors caused by numerous shortcuts, resulting in weaker defenses than anticipated. This ultimately proved to be Soil Colossus's and the base itself's downfall when a large number of these design flaws were taken advantage of by Team Rocket, allowing them to destroy the base and kill virtually every Soil Colossus Agent stationed within, including Carl Sandrock himself.

Sunyshore Base

Soil Colossus's original and unnamed headquarters, located in Sinnoh. This base was constructed on a much less rushed schedule, meaning it possessed greater defenses and technology than Colossoil; however, it was considered outdated by Sandrock after their actions at Paradise resulted in the organization becoming actively involved in the war. Following Team Rocket's devastating assault on Colossoil, Soil Colossus's Sunyshore base was similarly attacked and destroyed.



  • Carl Sandrock
  • Portia Raven
  • Nemo Buck

Notable Members

  • Graham Pewter


  • Kidnapped Silvermind from Team Liberty and Team Rocket, forcing the two organizations to participate in a hunt for a Manaphy in Unova.
  • Enacted numerous escapes and minor attacks on Team Rocket over the course of Soil Colossus's lifetime.
  • Created the Manaphy-powered mind-manipulation device.
  • Launched numerous attacks on various Team Rocket installations and Agents during the course of the Ancient Darkrais' activity, resulting in heavy damage to Team Rocket's manpower.


  • The placement of SCI base Colossoil in Rustboro City was an error on Parugi's part. At the time this was established, Neya had already left the game and the exact information on Soil Colossus's main headquarters was considered unavailable. It was only several years after their destruction had occurred that Parugi realized that he had an old PM in his inbox with minor details regarding the base and organization, including the fact that their main headquarters were actually located in Sunyshore City. Though this base is considered canon, it is also considered to have been destroyed off-screen following Sleight's attack on the Rustboro base.
  • It is interesting to note that despite their shady reputation and known mob activity in Sinnoh, Soil Colossus, Inc. was not approached by John Ford for an alliance when he created the Hojohsin League.