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Sinnoh is one of the many Regions in the Pokémon world. It is home to Mount Coronet, where multiple huge events have happened involving Space and Time; and as such, Dialga and Palkia. Team Galactic is stationed in this region.




Important Locations

Famous Trainers

Gym Leaders

  • Roark - Rock Gym Leader
  • Gardenia - Grass Gym Leader
  • Fantina - Ghost Gym Leader - (Recruited by Team Liberty)
  • Maylene - Fighting Gym Leader
  • Crasher Wake - Water Gym Leader
  • Byron - Steel Gym Leader - (Recruited by Team Liberty)
  • Candice - Ice Gym Leader - (Status Unknown)
  • Volkner - Lightning Gym Leader - (Recruited by Team Liberty)

Elite Four

  • Aaron - Bug Type Elite Four Member - (Recruited by Team Rocket)
  • Bertha(Deceased) - Ground Type Elite Four Member- (Neutral)
  • Flint(Deceased) - Fire Type Elite Four Member - (Was recruited by The Searchers)
  • Lucian - Psychic Type Elite Four Member
  • Cynthia - Sinnoh Champion - (Recruited by Team Rocket)

Other Trainers

  • Lucas Diamond - Generation IV Pokedex Holder
  • Barry Pearl - Generation IV Pokedex Holder
  • Dawn Platinum - Generation IV Pokedex Holder
  • Professor Rowan - Pokemon professor, dedicated to study of Evolution.