Land Forme Shaymin-Sky
Sky Forme
#492, the Gratitude Pokémon.

Species Gratitude Pokémon
Faction 1 recruited to Team Liberty
Status Team Liberty's: Alive
Type Land Forme: Grass
Sky Forme: Grass/Flying
Height Land Forme: 0'08"
Sky Forme: 1'04"
Weight Land Forme: 4.6 lbs
Sky Forme: 11.5 lbs
Created by Characterization by GLaDOS, Shadok and Ikkad
Shaymin is the Legendary Gratitude Pokémon. It is a peaceful and rarely seen Pokémon, and possesses the ability to switch between two forms: Its normal Land Forme, and when it touches a Gracidea Flower, the Sky Forme.


Team Liberty's ShayminEdit

A Shaymin was pursued by Team Liberty members Michael Ray and Kyle Rogers, along with Sabba the talking Sableye, as part of a recruitment effort for Operation R.A.L.L.Y. After a series of negotiations and then a brief battle, it was recruited to Team Liberty's cause, though left Four Island again sometime after the enactment of Team Liberty and Team Rocket's truce.

Despite only being on Four Island for a brief time, Team Liberty Executive Meghan Vert was able to create a clone of it for use in creating her Power Suits. The clone died as a result of her experiments, in the process granting power to her Grass-Type suit.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Like many of the Mythical-Class Pokémon, Shaymin is considered to possess completely balanced stats--it does not shine in any particular area. Unlike many other Pokémon, Shaymin is an incredibly docile species and will typically try to avoid confrontation if at all possible. It is said to possess the power to completely purify any polluted area, no matter how damaged it is, and reinvigorate it, oftentimes transforming damaged lands into vast fields of flowers. Similarly, areas where it migrates to will often experience a sudden increase in flower growth, as a result of a process called Flower Carrying.

Oddly, considering its demeanor, it is also capable of weaponizing the energy it creates from this purification process, releasing it in a massive, explosive burst with varying power depending on the types of pollutants it has absorbed. This attack--Seed Flare--is Shaymin's signature move. Like all Legendary Pokémon, Shaymin is capable of communicating via telepathy, and in particular feels can sense gratitude.

In its Sky Forme, Shaymin becomes faster and stronger, at the expense of losing some of its durability. Its personality also changes, becoming more outgoing and courageous. Shaymin's Sky Forme is also tied to sunlight and warmth, and because of this, it will revert back to its Land Forme at night or if it is frozen by an Ice-Type attack.

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