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Selene Ashera (commonly known as Silvermind by the other members of Team Liberty) is a leader and early member of Team Liberty. She was Executive of Strategy for Team Liberty when she was first introduced near the start of Rise of the Rockets, and has since been promoted to leader following Bluefalcon's death. She then led a small group of Liberty agents in an attempt to capture the Rocket Master Facility called Paradise; however, she was captured towards the end of the conflict when her single battle fighting style and abilities as a far-off general proved ineffective against the large number of Rocket agents.





Selene owns the following Pokémon:

Species Nickname Gender Appearance Nature Known Moves Ability: Caught/Obtained at:

Other Info:

Infernape Sun Female Will be added Naive

Stealth Rock, Fire Blast, Close Combat, Grass Knot, Fake Out, U-Turn

Blaze Starter Pokemon

Selene's Starter.

Obtained at the Battle Frontier as a child.

Porygon2 Tzu N/A Will be added Bold Toxic, Ice Beam, Tri Attack, Discharge, Signal Beam, Recover Trace

Battle Frontier

A second Pokemon Selene took up as a child.

Is not planned to evolve further.

Tyranitar Hannibal Male Will be added Adamant Stone Edge, Crunch, Pursuit, Earthquake, Flamethrower, Ice Beam

Sand Stream

Breeding Project

(as an executive)

First Pokemon used by Selene as a Team Liberty Executive.

Scizor Scipio Male Will be added Adamant

Bullet Punch, U-Turn, Superpower, Bug Bite, Swords Dance, Pursuit


Breeding Project

(as an executive)

Staryu Patton N/A Will be added Modest Surf, Light Screen, Ice Beam, Power Gem, Natural Cure Four Island

First Pokemon Selene has caught during the events of the RPG.


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  • Selene's Pokemon all have merit in competitive Pokémon games.
  • Selene's Pokémon all draw their nicknames from famous military commanders. Infernape and Porygon2 draw their names from Sun Tzu, who wrote the Art of War; Hannibal was the Carthaginian general who famously led his armies around the Alps and wreaked havoc on Rome during the second Punic War, and Scipio is the general who forced Hannibal to retreat from his advantageous position to defend his homeland.
  • Scizor's type advantage over Tyranitar is based in part on the fact Scipio was the general who finally forced Hannibal back.
  • Selene has performed numerous breeding projects. Known ones include: Creating a small army of Blissey to help defend Four Island in case of attack, and a partially wrecked breeding project for Bagon and Gible to encourage Team Liberty trainers to utilize them.
  • Selene is indirectly responsible for Shadow Admin Ace's "removal" from Team Rocket, as she gave the order of mass rebellion in Hoenn that Ace failed to quell.