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Scott Stone (Toa Neya) is a trainer fighting for Team Liberty.



Scott grew up in a relatively good life despite Team Rocket: Sootopolis City, his hometown, was hard to access in any way but diving and flying through the crater, which meant resistance factions could gain a tactical advantage simply by covering chokepoints. This meant that Scott has seen more rebellions there than perhaps some higher-ups in the Team Rocket chain of command. Team Rocket always managed to take them out, but Sootopolis never truly "fell" entirely to Team Rocket, with old rebellion leaders simply disbanding in public, reforming into other groups behind the scenes, etc. He has Steven Stone as an uncle, from who he secretly inherited an Anorith and a Lileep at age 14. (He always liked Fossil Pokemon before then.) Since then he has found Team Liberty, who have carved out the city in the crater from Team Rocket control, and stuck with them.



Very intelligent. He tends to be relatively bold, but he always prefers to hedge his boldness with knowledge first. He's somewhat zealous in his desire to beat Team Rocket. Generally likes Fossil Pokemon and foods of various exotic cultures.

Flaws: Scott has a tendency, like Armaldo, to not back down from a challenge, especially if he feels he knows about what he's doing. He also has a tendency to analyze things too much sometimes.



He wears a green headband with symbols of a Claw Fossil and a Root Fossil on them. The rest of his outfit is similar to a green-colored version of a Hoenn trainer's outfit. Turquoise eyes.



Nickname Species Gender Appearance Personality Known Moves Caught/Obtained at: Old Moves:

Other Info:

Ancient Armaldo Male
Somewhat curious. Armaldo has a sense of honor, and he doesn't exactly like to back down from a challenge. In the games, he would have an Adamant nature.

X-Scissor, Protect, Rock Slide, Screech, Water Gun, Metal Claw

Ability: Battle Armor

Starter Pokemon


(replaced w/ X-Scissor)

Scott's first Pokemon to evolve. Obtained as Anorith. Currently in the PC on Four Island
Archaic Cradily Female
Cradily tends to be level-headed, and it generally can sense when she's in over her head. She would probably have a Relaxed nature in-game.

AncientPower, Astonish, Wring Out, Ingrain, Recover, Curse

Ability: Suction Cups

Starter Pokemon

Acid (replaced w/ AncientPower)

Constrict (replaced w/ Wring Out)

Can combine Ingrain and Constrict (Lileep,) or Wring Out (Cradily) as a crude HP drain move. On Scott's team currently
May Mantyke Female
Mantine tends to like speeding ahead of things. She would probably have a Hasty nature in-game.

Bubble, Hidden Power Electric (base 64), Hydro Pump, Supersonic, Headbutt, Agility

Ability: Swift Swim

Sootopolis City

Bubble (replaced with Bounce)

Bubblebeam (replaced with Hidden Power)

Tackle (replaced with Hydro Pump)

First Pokemon Scott has caught in battle.

On Scott's team currently
June Steelix Male
He has a tendency to play tricks. He'd probably be Impish-natured in-game. A note is that he has a small fear of water.

Slam, Iron Tail, Screech, Stone Edge, Sandstorm, Rock Tomb

Ability: Rock Head

"Mount Liberty," the earth formation outside of Sootopolis City caused by the Groudon battle

Tackle: Replaced with Slam.

Bind: Replaced with Iron Tail

Rock Throw: Replaced with Stone Edge

N/A Currently in the PC at Four Island


Shelgon Male


Shelgon does not like to stop for details, and its self confidence is high.
It is slightly confused by its fast evolution.

Ember, Bite, Zen Headbutt, DragonBreath, Dragon Dance, Hydro Pump

Ability: Shed Skin

Obtained at Four Island as an egg.

Headbutt: Replaced with Zen Headbutt

Twister: Replaced with DragonBreath

Evolved in less than a day in in-game time. On Scott's team currently


Beldum N/A
Beldum is a continuous happy Pokemon, and even in battle it always moves at top morale. In-game, it would probably have the Jolly nature.

Iron Head, Zen Headbutt, Iron Defense, Take Down

Ability: Clear Body

Obtained off the coast of Rocket Master Facility Paradise N/a


On Scott's team currently
Tahu Pokabu Male
Tahu is a hybrid of his namesake and a standard Pokabu. He has a bit of a temper, but he can't resist any good food in the area. Overall he is Jolly.

Nitro Charge, Tackle
Defense Curl

Ability: Blaze

Obtained at Four Island as a gift N/a Currently Scott's first and onyl Isshu Pokemon, also Scott's latest Pokemon. On Scott's team currently
Piranha Exeggcute (shadow) Male
Shadow Exeggcute.png
Notes: The green thing is a Micle Berry, the purple is a shadow aura, the light blue represents a non-shadow aura.
None just yet: he's a Shadow Pokemon. One of his heads seems to be normal, however, and it seems to be a calm Pokemon from what can be told. It's a bit lonely, though, given its other heads don't have a personality yet.

Hypnosis, Shadow Hold, Shadow Wave, Shadow Rush (55 BP,) Shadow Shed

(Shadow moves marked in italics)

Ability: Harvest

Caught at Four Island N/a One of four shadow Pokemon owned by a PC, also "the most ad-hoc Pokemon" Neya has made. On Scott's team currently


  • May and June cover their weaknesses perfectly. The same is true of Julius (as a Salamence) and Augustus.
  • May, June, July, and August are all months of the year. "Julius" and "Augustus" are the Roman emperors who the months of July and August are named after.
  • Scott Stone's name comes in part from Toa Neya's character in another BZPower COT RPG, To Save the World! (Scott Arrow, superhero alias Falcon).
  • Scott may potentially be the first non-executive character to have reached 4 and 8 Pokemon.
  • Anorith and Armaldo are Neya's favorite Pokemon...besides Ferrothorn.
  • In a previous BZPower Pokemon TBRPG (now lost to the Great Dataclysm), Neya used both Anorith and Lileep. A few references, namely Lileep/Cradily's root-based attacks (used against Roark's Onix in the other TBRPG) and Fossil Pokemon liking relish/hot dogs as food, have been made to this.
  • Onix was a Pokemon Neya used in her playthrough of Pokemon HeartGold version.
  • Tepig, ironically, is the one starter Pokemon Neya did not plan on using in Gen V.