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{{Infobox trainer
{{Infobox trainer
|name = Samuel Wethar
|name = Samuel Wethar

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Samuel Wethar is a Pokémon Trainer. He is 45 years old. He has graying hair and mustache and wears a brown trench coat; his Pokégear is black. He has strong arm strength, and his height is 5'11". He carries a briefcase. Samuel's wife, Kathy, and his son, Will, are also a Pokémon Trainers. Samuel specializes in Water and Ice-type Pokémon. His hometown is Cerulean City of Kanto, but he resides in Eterna City of Sinnoh. He is currently a neutral trainer allied with a Team Liberty member, Zack Furler.

Personality Edit

He is a calm, kind person who always tries to assuage his friends and family when they are upset. He likes to teach his children about Pokémon and morals, hoping that they will be great trainers like he was. In battle, he is rather confident, but knows not to be overly so.

Biography Edit

Life Before the Rocket Takeover Edit

Samuel was a Pokémon trainer since he was 10 years old. He traveled throughout the Kanto and Johto regions, winning many Gym Badges. Samuel soon traveled to the Sinnoh region, where he met his wife, Kathy. Their children are Will, Matthew, and Sally.

Life During the Rocket Takeover Edit

Samuel's Pokémon were taken from him when he visited his hometown of Cerulean City. Samuel discovered that he still had two Pokémon in his PC box, a Staryu and a Spheal. He boards a ship to Sinnoh so he can go on an adventure with Will.

Upon arriving, he is challenged by several Rocket grunts, but manages to win when a Team Liberty member, Zack Furler, helps fight off the Rockets. Samuel and Zack set off to pick up Will before looking for the people present at Zack's uncle Cyrus's disappearance: Lucas and Dawn.

Pokémon Edit

Name Appearance Species Gender Personality Ability Status Known Moves
Waterspout Waterspout1 Staryu Genderless Normally, Waterspout is rather reserved and careful. It is also timid, and is quick to flee upon being attacked. When cornered, however, it attacks with ferocity. Natural Cure: Status problems are cured upon switching out In Party Water Gun, Swift, Recover, Rapid Spin, Minimize, Camouflage
Iceberg Iceberg1 Spheal Male Iceberg is rather relaxed, and often dozes off. He also loves to eat. Thick Fat: Fire and Ice-type damage is halved In Party Rest, Snore, Aqua Ring, Water Gun, Powder Snow, Aurora Beam
Corkscrew Corkscrew1 Piplup Female She is naive and mischievous. She doesn't know much about the world and is inexperienced. Torrent: Raises Power of Water-type moves at 1/3 HP or less In Party Agility, Pound, Growl, Bubble, Peck
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