Roderick Krane

Roderick Krane is a trainer in the RPG, Pokémon: Rise of the Rockets.


Early Life

Roderick Krane lived and grew up in the Orre Region with his father, the famous Professor Krane. Being surrounded by machines gave him a good knowledge of robotics and hacking systems, but sadly his physical condition is not good at all, and as such he tires easily. His first Pokémon, the Rotom called Wattling, was caught while making mischief in the lab's machines, while Digital, his second Pokémon, was given to him by his father. The three have been together ever since.
He was sent to Sinnoh in order to spy on Team Rocket's activities and report them to the Orre authorities in order for them to make a decision.

Seeking Team Liberty

Roderick was first sent to Sinnoh. But he spent little time there. He had been sent to the Sevii Islands, so he took a plane to Johto.

Once in Johto he headed towards Olivine City. He decided to take a boat that took him toward's the Orange Islands and then to Four Island. Seeing as the boat didn't leave until the day after, he decided to investigate the surroundings, eventually getting to the Johto Battle Frontier only to find that it was currently in ruins. He entered the Battle Factory in order to get information from Thorton and was ambushed by two rocket grunts, only to be aided by a mysterious trainer. Roderick was able leave with only one grunt following him.

Roderick got out of the grunt's sight for a while and managed to get to the deepest room in the facility, in which he recompiled data concerning the whereabouts of Factory Head Thorton. He was leaving the room when the Rocket Grunt stole the data disk from him.

The Grunt turned out to be a girl Mina, or Silvereyes, who took a great liking to Roderick. After a short battle she gave him back the disk, kissing him before fleeing. This would turn out to be a common gag in Roderick's relationships with Mina, in which Roderick would often be in shock as a result of the smooch.

After Mina fled, Roderick was ambushed by yet another Rocket grunt. In a battle which demonstrated Roderick's capabilities as an strategist, he took one distraction from the Rocket in order to flee, though not without first writing a note that read:

"I'm not on anyone's side... yet"

Deciding it was safer to go out through the back door, Roderick decided to go that way. On the way out, he found a small and unprotected Castform who sported a nasty burn. After healing him, Roderick decided to add him to his team and nicknamed him Swirl.

Once out of the factory Roderick took a ship that transported him to the Orange Islands. Looking for a boat to Four Island was difficult, though he finally found one driven by none other than Mr. Briney, the famous sailor, who gladly took him to Four Island.

Searching for Thorton

When Roderick got to Four Island he went immediately in search of the Team Liberty base. It wasn't long before he found an entrance hidden in a bunch of grass. He was able to pass the security with the help of Digital and managed to get in. However, by a misunderstanding, an agent named Jordan Robins caught him, thinking he was an intruder. When Roderick explained his situation he was taken to the three higher ups of Team Liberty in a conference room. Once there he found out they were having a video conference with his father, who gladly explained the situation, freeing Roderick from all suspicion. He then proceeded to hand the information of Thorton's whereabouts. The information detailed the location of the Frontier Brain, who resided in Mt. Silver. Roderick was sent there on his first misson. With the company of Jordan, Roderick went to Mount Silver.

Once in Mt. Silver, Roderick decided to split up the search in order to cover more ground. The search took several days, in which time Roderick found, battled and captured a Shadow Shinx. Unbeknownst to him, Mina had been following him over the course of his search.

The search seemed like a failure until Roderick accidentally stepped on top of a vertical tunnel and fell down on an ice slide. After pointing out the silliness of it all Roderick got to the end of the slide, before being confronted by quite a number of Electric- and Steel-type Pokémon. He was confronted by a trainer who turned out to be none other than Thorton himself. Once everything was explained and in order, Thorton volunteered to go to Four Island and join Team Liberty. He also asked Roderick to help him move a Moltres egg to the Liberty base. They took a giant drill that Thorton had been preparing for an occasion like this. Picking up Roderick's partner, they set off to Four Island (With Mina as a polison on the drill of course). On the way there Thorton made Digital evolve into Porygon2, surprising Roderick.

A while later the group got to Four Island and proceeded to move the Moltres egg inside of the base.

A Trip to Orre

Deciding it was for the best to go with his father in order to inform him of his Shadow Pokémon, Roderick headed to Orre on a ship.

After several days of travel, Roderick finally disembarked in gateon port and went to see his father at the Pokémon HQ Lab. Once Roderick had explained the situation to his father, Professor Krane decided to entrust his son with the Snag Machine and the Aura Reader, telling his son to go to Agate Village in order to purify Shinx.

Once in Agate, Roderick decided it would be better to get Shinx to trust him, challenging several trainers to battle so as to accomplish this. One of the trainers that joined later was none other than Mina herself. She had been following Roderick all through Orre and had dressed as a civilian to avoid attracting attention. Roderick immediately saw through the disguise, but decided to keep quiet, in order to avoid problems.

Roderick tried purifying Shinx at the stone monument; unfortunatedly, the process didn't work. A voice told Roderick to wait some time befor purifying Shinx, and a round stone fell from the monument, which Roderick took.

Seeing that Shix's purification would take more time, Roderick and Mina decided to go back to HQ Lab, where he recieved a message inviting Team Liberty members to an invasion at Paradise, the Hoenn Mainbase of Team Rocket. Ready to help, they set off.

Invasion at Paradise and Jirachi's capture

Roderick and Mina both travelled to Pacifidlog Town in order to catch up a boat that led them to Four Island. A day later they were traveling in a fishing boat. When they arrived they disembarked and made it to the shore with Guniver the Mantyke's help. Once there, it was just a matter of time before they found an entrance thet led to the Rocket base.

Once inside, both of them proceeded to investigate the base, bumping into Thomas on the way, but he was in a rush and had almost no time to talk. They followed Thomas until they found the chamber where Lt. Surge was battling the Rockets. Roderick decided to split up from Mina and do some exploring in order to find information. This proved to be ineffective as he was ambushed by over ten Rocket grunts. Just in time, Lt.Surge overloaded the power circuits in the base, causing a short blackout that allowed Roderick to escape.

When Roderick came back he saw Mina being dragged, unconscious, by Mordred - James Arthur's Weavile - and James himself. Angered, he decided to follow and confront James.

Once they were both alone in what appeared to be a stadium he closed the doors and prepared to battle James. However, just when things were about to begin, a bunch of Rocket Zubats and Golbats appeared and attacked. With time and a bit of straetgy they were able to drive them back. After the incident, Roderick and James finished their conflict and bacame friends with each other. Roderick lent Wattling to James for a while in order to give him light. He then proceeded to hide Mina in a safe place where she could recover. Once that was done, he went on his own and tried to find information. On his way he found one of Paradise's Lab, which contained a large number of machines and experiments, most of them failed. It was there that Roderick found a Drifbloon. She was imprisioned in a cage, and unable to get out. Roderick decided to help the little Pokémon and caught it, naming it Blimpy. He also found a lab uniform which he used to disguise himself.

Once out, he found James and Jayron and reunited with Wattling again. They proceeded to fight against the Rockets just outside the control room. While the battle was heated, Roderick went around in hopes of attacking from the back. Unfortunatedly, he was ambushed and knocked unconscious by an enemy Drapion. His Pokémon managed to escape, and crafting a rescue plan and managing to rescue Roderick. In the ensuing battle, Shinx evolved into Luxio.

Roderick, this time alone, investigated further down, and managed to get some plans of Paradise and some information on the other bases. He also got a report of Legendary Pokémon currently targeted by Team Rocket.

Once he started to escape via a set of emergency stairs, he was teleported to Birth Island, in the middle of the battle between Jirachi and Deoxys. Once the battle was over, and Jirachi captured, Roderick and the rest were transported to Four Island. There, he recieved a message from his father; he was set to get to the conference room in the base. He invited James and Scott once they had the chance.

Stopping Team Snaggem and Scaling Mount Battle

Once in the conference room, Professor Krane told the Williams, James and Roderick the situation: Orre was being overrun by Team Snagem. They had already taken most major cities. Most trainers were fightting against them in a resistance group, but they still needed help. The five trainers agreed to go to Orre.

Using the boat of Etham WIlliams, the group got to Orre in a day's time. Making port in a cave near Gateon Port, the group disembarked at the top of the lighthouse, only to confront three Snagem grunts. The battle that ensued passed by fast, with the victory of the Liberty trainers. After that, the group headed to Pokémon HQ lab to get a general briefing of the situation.

At the Pokémon HQ lab, the group got an explanation of Snagem's invasion in Orre; they also met up with the trainer Michael who had volunteered in helping the group. The six trainers were split up in three groups and sent to different parts of Orre. Roderick teamed up with Scott and proceeded to go to the S.S. Libra. Once there, they found the same grunts from Gateon Port's lighthouse. They had a quick fight in which the grunts were beaten, only to flee deeper into the ship, the Libetry trainers in hot pursuit.

At the deepest part of the ship, Scott and Roderick found out one of the Cipher admins. Miror. B. Angry at the trainers interrupting him, he challenged them to an all out battle in which most of the Pokémon were badly beaten, even with the help of Ethan and Amelia, who got there via underground tunnel. The end of the battle resulted with an explosion of both Miror. B.'s Electrode and Roderick's newly evolved Blimpy. The explosion made a hole in the ship which started to sink. Barely escaping, the group decided to get back to the lab.

Back at the lab, the group met with James and Michael, who had beaten and captured some Snagem grunts and Snattle. Snattle, however, managed to escape. On that night, Roderick finally recieved the gift from a professor from far away: A Pokédex, and an egg that quickly hatched into a Snivy that Roderick named Aralia.


He could be described as a man in his late teens. with bushy brown hair and slender build, just like his father. He usually wears jeans and shirts of different colours, though his favourite color is red. Roderick is the living image of his father: he is tall, a little skinny and weak looking; he usually wears a long sleeve red shirt with a golden dragon in the chest, a pair of blue jeans, and boots. He wears a belt where he stores his tools and PDA in order for hacking or robotics. He uses glasses in order to look more like a science guy... truth is, they are fake, and he doesn't really need them to see.



Active Pokémon

Name/Species Gender Appearance Sprites Ability Moves Notes Personality
Wattling (Rotom) No Gender He looks mostly like every other rotom, but he can shape it's plasma as he pleases in order to express emotions, and his eyes are golden in coloration.
-479 Rotom Wash form.png
Levitate Thunderbolt, Thunder wave, Confuse ray, Hydro Pump, Double Team, and Ominous wind

Roderick's partner Pokémon.

{C}Caught while doing mischief in Pokémon HQ Lab.

Wattling could be considered The leader of Roderick's pokémon. It has a deep care for his trainer and his partners. And will not hesitate to protect them.
Digital (Porygon-Z)

No Gender

(But has a somehat femenine personality)

It is quite diferent from other Porygon-Z. As it was succesfully patched by Roderick. It sports a more stilized head with a spike on the top of it. It's eyes are the shape of diagonal hexgonal prisms, and are blue in coloration, with a normal black pupil, much like it's pre evolutions.

It is also more slender.

-474 Porygon-Z.png


Zap Cannon, Signal Beam, Psychic, Lock on, Recover, and Tri attack

Roderick's second pokémon.

Given to him as a present from his father.

Inmune to hacks and viruses.

Digital is the brains of Roderick's pokémon. Being scientific and analitical. It could sometimes be described as cold and unaprochable. But Digital is really a likable pokemon... if you can understand all it's technobable.



His tufts of hair are a bit longer than the tufts of a normal Luxray.

-405 Luxray-edited.png


Shadow Rush, Shadow Panic, Crunch, Roar, Iron Tail and Wild Bolt

Currently a Shadow Pokémon.

Caught in Mount Silver.

Once cold and antisocial. Luxray has grown close to Roderick's pokémon. And has developed more of a personality

He is really loyal to his trainer. Best described as short fused. He can get angry easily. Especially when Digital divagates. Which gets them on long arguments more than often.

Blimpy (Driftblim) Female

Her arms are longer than the normal Drifblim's.

She is roughly the size of a truck, in vertical height.

-426 Drifblim.png
Unburden Stockpile, Will o wisp, Baton Pass, Shadow Ball, Explosion, and Ominous Wind Found in Paradise, TR's main base in Hoenn. Since her evolution she has developed a somewhat motherly attitude with Roderick's other pokémon. She deeply cares for them and for Roderick. And often gets worried for their safety. She is also really reliable both in and out of battle.
Aralia (Servine) Female The Fleur De Lis markings on her back and sides are gold, rather than the typical yellow.
Overgrow Slam, Leaf Blade, Leaf Storm, Leech Seed, Coil, and Glare (egg move) Hatched from an egg. Since her birth. Aralia has been really snotty and bossy. Believing herself to be the leader of Roderick's pokémon. Much to the annoyance of the others. Despite that, she can put that attitude aside when need arises. Her bad traits seem to have mellowed out a bit since her final evolution... though not by much.
Elgyem Male The three dots on Elgyem's hands are Red, Green and Blue, instead of Red, Green, and Yellow Shadow Elgyem.png Telepathy Shadow Storm, Shadow Sky, Shadow Mist and teleport. Currently a Shadow Pokemon.

As Elgyem never speaks his personality is currently a mistery. {C}As part of the purification process Elgyem has showed bits of personality. Overall, he seems to like music... and has a tendency to chuckle in a sinister way... perhaps a verbl tic.

Inactive Pokémon

In addition to his main team, Roderick also has some Pokémon he keeps in pokémon Lab HQ in Orre:

Name/Species Gender Appearance Sprites Ability Moves Notes Personality



Male The flame on his back is a little darker in colour tha the standard Monferno
Iron Fist Mach Punch, Taunt, Fake out (Egg move. Only usable at the beginning of a battle.), Thunder Punch (Egg move. Medium accuracy), Fire Punch (Egg move. Medium accuracy), Blaze kick (Egg move. Medium accuracy). Caught on the fire type pokémon reserve. Ignight is an intelligent Monferno, always looking for good ways out of problems. His smart actions have made the difference on more than one occasion. He cares about the rest of his team, and will often fight till the end to protect them.
Swirl (Castform) Male

The hair on his head is a little more curved than the usual castform.

-351 Castform.png

Sunny Day, Rain Dance, Hail,

Weather Ball, Fire Blast, and Blizzard

Caught at the ruined

battle factory in Johto.

Being one of the younguest members of Roderick's team.

Swirl often acts like the tagalong kid of the group, he mostly stays out of battles. But can get serious when he gets one going.

Special pokémon

Roderick has bonded with the following special pokémon:

Genesect (Shadow pokémon) Genderless Presents a deep black coloration, alongside deep red eyes Download Shadow bolt, Shadow chill, Shadow Flame, Shadow half, Shadow Sky, Techno blast.

Genesect's personality is currently unknown.

He is capable of communicating with electronic devices.


  • "Well. That was... unexpected". (Rodericks reaction at Rianna (Scott's Rypherior) and Ariel (Scott's Aerodactyl) when they fell from the floor above them, while in a battle against Lovrina and Gorigan).


  • So far, Roderick is the only player character in ROTR who was not born in one of the main regions.
  • He is also, one of the few characters with more than 6 pokémon on ownership.
  • His name has different roots. Roderick derives from Professor Ecketzal's original name. While Krane is the last name of Professor Krane, his father in game.
  • Part of the inspiration for Roderick came from the video game character Professor Hershell Layton. While Roderick is still a bit harsh, he presents an attitude of an english gentleman.
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