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Reyna Dranys (High Templar Neya) is a Zorua who is capable of masquerading as a human. She is currently allied with Team Rocket.

Reyna as both Zorua and in human "form."


As Zorua: Normal, except for a red stripe on her tail. She happens to be relatively small for a Zorua, capable of curling up in a ball the size of a human brain.

As human with the aid of Ditto: She has a white T-shirt, an orange mini-skirt, pink shoes, dark blond hair, and fair skin. Her irises are the same color as a Zorua's. (In Snowpoint, now its ruins, she wears standard Ace Trainer getup.


She is intelligent, resourceful, and occasionally kind. She tends to normally only show this side to her team, though. As a human, she will occasionally put on a slightly callous personality, and indeed, it is how she got to Team Rocket. However, her softer side often shines through to those who know her personality well. She is also adventurous, and secretly wants the best to happen when it couldn't happen for her.


Being raised by her mother, a Zoroark, in the alleys of Hiun City was hard, and prompted Reyna to become resourceful. As an alley Pokemon, she was raised alone by her mother, a Zoroark. Her mother's death occurred when she was 6 human years old, due to a random Pokemon plague that had gone throughout the city at that time, somewhat lowering her view of life and occasionally making her callous. She survived for the next few months in Hiun city alone, watching as reporters from Isshu broadcast a negative view of Team Liberty (and a slight edge on Team Rocket.) When a trash law prevented her from gaining more food, she got onto a random ship headed for Sinnoh to find more adventure. This ship, the S.S. Empoleon, also carried Reyna's now-lifelong friend and partner, Ganydrayna. After heading to Snowpoint City, they found Link, a Meditite, training at Route 217, whom they recruited. Eventually, the three discovered their ability to masquerade as a human, Link creating a psychic bond between Ganydrayna and Reyna, Reyna creating an illusion, and Ganydrayna giving it form from Reyna's will. This was perfect for them, and soon, they could imitate an alias: Reyna Dranys. This amalgamation allowed the trio to learn about a large number of human subjects, Team Rocket being one. Displaying interest in joining, she was accepted, her abilities on solo missions being relatively high, and her group mission records, while not being as impressive, still being relatively high.

An alternate explanation of her past has been raised in the RPG, however, it could be the result of manipulation by a Pokemon capable of bypassing Dark-types' mental barriers.


Nickname Species Gender Appearance Known Moves

Other Info:

Reyna Zorua Female

(already covered

in main char


Scratch, Bite, Fury Swipes, Fake Tears, Leer
Ganydrayna Ditto

N/A, but female


Link Meditite Male

Hidden Power Rock (base 65,) Psycho Cut, ThunderPunch, Force Palm, Detect, Meditate

Mogenar (real name translated from Pokemon is Tideshell.) Aron Male
Headbutt, Metal Claw, Mud-Slap, Tackle, Harden,
Head Smash
Wisp Hitomoshi Male

Note: Wisp has a third eye that vaguely glows underneath its wax.

Ember, Astonish, Imprison, Will O' Wisp, Heat Wave, Clear Smog
Insect ( real name Zting, planned) Combee Female
Gust, Bug Bite, Sweet Scent, Poison Sting


  • Sabba, Xalpha and Reyna Dranys are the only Pokémon player characters in the RPG.
  • Reyna is the only Pokémon character to have a Pokémon team.