Reverse is a power bestowed by Giratina upon his selected Heroes.

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Reverse acts on the negative or backwards (or, simply put, reversed) effects of what would normally be considered a forward-moving action. Its primary use is for the purpose of disorientation and support, by manipulating targets such that they become baffled and unable to effectively respond to a move against them.

Parugi, on Reverse abilities (July 6th, 2015):

"It basically amounts to:

-Subtle suggestion abilities, based on reverse psychology

-Reversing effects of an occurrence, i.e. gaining health from something that should be poisonous

-Reversing the order of an event. Like if I threw a punch, the impact would come first, and then the action behind the punch. Effectively, it's an increase in an attack's accuracy.

The issue is that those second two powers could be pretty OP, so they're limited in what they can do and how often they can be used. And a larger effect would require more energy. So, power three--slap someone? Whatever; guaranteed hit. Shoot a missile at something and want to ensure it hits? You're probably going to pass out. Or at the very least get really tired. Giratina's also connected to mirrors, so there could be something there, too."

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