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Psionics are a blanket set of psychic abilities wielded by a small number of humans.

Concept Edit

Psionic abilities are powers based upon the mind. Individuals born with the correct genetic markers are able to utilize their above-average mental activity in order to influence the world around them in a number of ways. Psychics typically exhibit above-average intelligence along with other enhanced mental faculties, allowing them to perceive and process a higher amount of information than a non-psychic.

Psychic Abilities Edit

Barrier Edit

The ability to create a wall of psychic energy.

Empathy Edit

The ability to sense others' emotions and physical sensations. This power varies based off of focus, as well as emotional proximity to the subject, but it can be used without realizing it if the user is untrained in it.

Extrasensory Perception (ESP) Edit

The ability to determine the location of nearby people and objects using thought. This ability can be used passively, though it is more accurate and covers a larger area if the user focuses.

Healing Edit

The power to repair physical damage to the body through psychic means. The focus required varies based on the specific injuries, but takes at least some amount of effort to do correctly, with more discipline and focus allowing for more advanced healing

Hypnosis Edit

The ability to put people to sleep, with more advanced use allowing one to put their target in a suggestible state.

Psionic Burst Edit

The ability to send out a burst of psychic energy to deal damage. This power does not require very much focus, as it's a blast of raw psychic energy, though more discipline and experience allows for a more controlled and directed attack to do more damage.

Synchronization Edit

An advanced form of telepathy and empathy that allows a trainer and pokémon to join minds and share power for a short time. While synchronized, the two have the same thoughts and move in unison with one another. Extended use of this power can cause the trainer to feel winded, light headed, or even to fall unconscious. Great concentration and a strong bond with the pokémon are necessary, with practice allowing for an advanced form of this technique.

Telekinesis Edit

The ability to move objects through thought. This power typically requires intense focus on the object in question, with more discipline and experience allowing for larger and heavier objects to be moved.

Telepathy Edit

The ability to communicate with others through thought. This power requires a moderate amount of focus on the person or people in question, with more discipline and experience allowing for more direct communication and longer ranges.

Teleportation Edit

The power to instantly move from one location to the other without passing through the physical space. This power requires intense focus on the subjects and locations, with more experience allowing for larger groups, more specific transport, and longer distances teleported.

Users Edit

  • Chloe Hikari
  • Dara Trina
  • Joker
  • Sabrina
  • Sophia Baron
  • Wilson Moreno
  • Xander Cruize

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