History Edit

Early Life Edit

Pierce grew up in Pyrite Town, Orre. His father was a security guard in Pyrite while his mother worked in the jail. While he stilled lived in Pyrite, Pierce was involved in a gang that was shut down by security when he was 15, after a prank that went too far; his father was assigned to the case and most of the gang members, including Pierce, were given jail time.

When he turned 17 two years later, he moved out of Pyrite to Phenac City, a drastically different environment. Outside of the walls, he found and caught a Duskull and trained at the Colosseum, quickly becoming well known and eventually coming out on top, defeating all of the Entry Levels. Dissatisfied, he went back to Pyrite to challenge their Colosseum as well, heavily winning due to the lack of training. Still wanting more, he accomplished the same feat three times more, in the Tower, Under, and Deep Colosseums. Afterwards, he rested in Agate Village. He spends a lot of time in Unova, particularly Undella and Lacunosa.

Appearance Edit

Well built but run-down from stress, Pierce stands at 5'7" with brown hair and green eyes. He is usually in a long black jacket, with a white shirt underneath and darker jeans to fit. Hair is usually styled into a short fauxhawk, along with a chiseled face and a sharp jawline.

Personality Edit

Pierce is a tired man, not seeing too much of the war but given his hometown, scrimmages weren't uncommon. He has a devil-may-care attitude, but copes with his level head and advanced experience with logic. Pierce also sports a short temper, though, he doesn't always make it known.

Aside from this, he's a bit of a jokester, though more of in a sarcastic way. He doesn't like being wrong, but with the help of his Dusknoir, he often is. Pierce also doesn't adapt to change quickly, and feels quite confident in himself after the Orre Colosseums.

Pokemon Edit

Species Gender Appearance Ability Known Moves Obtained at
Dusknoir Male Dusknoir Pressure Will-o-wisp, Hex, Shadow Punch, Ice Punch, Mean Look Phenac City
Snowrunt Female Snowrunt Ice Body Powder Snow, Bite, Double Team, Headbutt, Protect Agate Village

Trivia Edit

  • Pierce is the only one of Nara's characters that doesn't come from Hoenn.
    • He is also one of the few characters whose hometown isn't in one of the five main regions.
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