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Nate Delano is a 15-year-old Team Liberty agent. In Rise of the Rockets, he is played by FenrakkRider on BZPower.


Nate lived a relatively normal life in Fortree City, Hoenn with his two parents and older sister. However, he always hated Team Rocket being in control and wanted to stop them someday. When he was 7, he found a Swablu out in the forest and named it Cotton. When he joined Team Liberty at the age of 15, he brought Cotton with him, along with a Mareep he nicknamed Shock. He was assigned to work on Operation R.A.L.L.Y., but didn't get to do anything until Team Rocket attacked the Alamo. While it was under attack, he tried to defend it from Team Rocket, but he was caught in the explosion set off by the Shadowed Man in the Server Room. Once he recovered, he joined the Regigigas Retrieval Group with Cal Riggs, Jayron Aaron, and many others. He helped capture Uxie, and then Regigigas. When he got back, he captured a Snover that he named Frosty, and Shock evolved into a Flaaffy. He eventually joined up with Ethan Williams to go to Cianwood and the Safari Zone, where he caught a Cubone named Bones. Currently, Nate is battling with his sister, Jen, outside of the Safari Zone. He had just found out that she had joined Team Rocket.


Nate is average height with blonde hair that goes down to his ears. He most commonly wears a green hoodie with a black shirt under it and blue jeans.


Cotton (Swablu)- Nate's first Pokemon. She is very loyal to her trainer and will defend him at all costs.

Shock (Flaaffy)- Shock is less timid than he was as a Mareep and is happy to have his new power.

Frosty (Snover)- Frosty is happy to have a trainer, but doesn't speak much. Instead, he shows his emotions through facial expressions.

Bones (Cubone)- Bones is emotionally attached to his bone club and will search for it for days if it is lost.


~Nate's sister is on the opposite team as he is. Nate is on Team Liberty, and Jen is on Team Rocket.