Michael Travis is the current leader of Team Energon, a power-hungry organization that seeks to drain the energy of Legendary pokemon to power their secret weapons: Specialized Porygon.

After an unexpected encounter that proved Michael's tech to not be totally invincible, the Shadowed One 'conviced' Michael to join Team Energon with Team Galactic and The Searchers.


His history is relatively unknown, except that he was hired by Cyan Vero's old resistance group due to his advanced technical knowledge and high intelligence. It is also quite likely he worked with Sliph Co. or some other large developer of new technology, due to the fact that much of the technology possessed by Team Energon was designed by him.



Michael is confident and power-hungry, but he doesn't let either of those qualities cloud his judgment. He is a master strategist, and is very good with technology and battling. He also won't show fear, even when his life is in danger. Though he trains his pokemon well, he could care less about what happens to other pokemon, which is why he continued Reckoning, despite the risks it would bring to Legendary pokemon.


Pokemon Gender Appearance Sprites Ability Moves Notes



No Difference

-94 Gengar



Appears to be Michael's partner pokemon. It was the first one he used, and he seems to joke with it some. It's also rarely in its pokeball.



Darker colors, like the first Porygon

-474 Porygon-Z N/A N/A

The second of the special Porygon created. Michael calls it one of the two 'master units', capable of taking over the other Porygon if necessary. He has also made it almost impossible to hack into and take over. Only the original master unit could stand a chance at doing that.


"When the time comes, nothing will stand in our way."


-Michael is one of the few people to meet the Shadowed Man and already know his alias, John Ford. According to Michael, he has been doing quite a bit of research on all the factions and people involved in this war.

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