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* [[Xander Cruize]]
* [[Xander Cruize]]
** Gardevoir - Four Island, against Alamo guards
** Gardevoir - Four Island, against Alamo guards
* Minor Characters
** Andreev
*** Golurk - Mt. Silver, against Instances
** Ritter
*** Lopunny - Mt. Silver, against Instances
** Hull
*** Pinsir - Mt. Silver, against Instances
== Creation Process ==
== Creation Process ==

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Mega Evolution is a special, temporary type of evolution that was discovered following Missing Zero's arrival.


Prior to July 31st, 2017, Mega Evolution did not exist in the primary universe of Rise of the Rockets. In an attempt to divert Missing Zero's attention away from the main universe, John Ford activated a special ritual that deactivated all combative abilities. Moments later, Missing Zero emerged, necessitating the use of a back-up ritual to reactivate combat powers. While the effects of the back-up were not immediate, it did have the unknown side-effect of enabling access to a new type of evolution.

The first known instances of Mega Evolution occurred during Team Liberty's and Team Rocket's first mission against Missing Zero. While holding the line at Kotahi Village, in order to allow the inhabitants of One Island to evacuate safely, the combined forces of Teams Liberty, Rocket, and Plasma slowly became overwhelmed by the growing number of Instances converging on the beach. In desperation, Ryan Hikari, Amanda Zarth, and James Arthur managed to break through the initial power barrier, allowing their respective Tyranitar, Magnezone, and Scizor to reach the highest stage of evolution and drive back Missing Zero's forces, including a revived Wrath.

Live streams by various hackers, inhabitants of the Sevii Islands, and members of Team Liberty captured this battle, revealing the then-current extent of Missing Zero's power and the existence of Mega Evolution to the world.

Current Mega Evolutions

  • Amanda Zarth
    • Magnezone - One Island, against Missing Zero
  • Chloe Hikari
    • Gallade - Vertrag, against Gluttony and Creagrin
    • Luxray - Vertrag, against Gluttony and Creagrin
  • Evan Tierra
    • Swampert
  • James Arthur
    • Scizor - One Island, against Missing Zero
    • Chandelure
  • Kyle Eston
    • Charizard - Vertrag, against Gluttony and Creagrin
    • Magnezone - Vertrag, against Gluttony and Creagrin
  • Ray Hakuda
    • Zangoose - Vertrag, against Gluttony and Creagrin
  • Ryan Hikari
    • Tyranitar - One Island, against Missing Zero
  • Ryan Sanders
    • Typhlosion - Vertrag, against Gluttony and Creagrin
  • Xander Cruize
    • Gardevoir - Four Island, against Alamo guards
  • Minor Characters
    • Andreev
      • Golurk - Mt. Silver, against Instances
    • Ritter
      • Lopunny - Mt. Silver, against Instances
    • Hull
      • Pinsir - Mt. Silver, against Instances

Creation Process

Mega Evolution in Rise of the Rockets works a bit differently than in the games. To lay out the most important detail first, Mega Rings and Stones are not a thing. Mega Evolution is instead powered by a natural, synergistic relationship between the Pokémon and its trainer. In order for a Pokémon to Mega Evolve, it must possess at least 25 EXP points, cumulative from all of the battles it has taken part in. Once a Pokémon has reached 25 EXP, they are capable of freely Mega Evolving once per battle, energizing them and providing something of a "second wind," although this will not fully heal any injuries that they have already sustained. Should they revert to their standard form during that battle, they will not be able to Mega Evolve again without resting. If a Mega Evolved Pokémon faints or is otherwise rendered unable to battle, it will revert back to its original form.

Also different here is the fact that trainers are not limited to one Mega Evolution per battle. While individual Pokémon are, a trainer in Rise of the Rockets could, in theory, Mega Evolve six Pokémon throughout the course of a single battle. It is important to note, however, that this could potentially prove fatal for the trainer. Mega Evolution takes a lot of energy from the trainer in order to power the evolving Pokémon, and because of this, few trainers have been observed that possess the ability to last that long.

The symptoms of "Evolution Sickness," as it has come to be known, are generally not permanent, and tend to disappear after a few days, though sometimes they last for a week or two. However, they do possess a patterned progression, which has been documented as follows. The number next to each symptom corresponds to how many Pokémon the trainer in question has Mega Evolved during the battle:

  1. No noticeable issues
  2. Minor headache, dizziness
  3. Physical weakness
  4. Severe faintness
  5. Bleeding from orifices
  6. Unconsciousness, death

Non-Canon Mega Evolutions

Given the very limited number of canon Mega Evolutions, we will be branching out and using Megas designed by RotR's players. To submit a proposal, fill out the following form and post it in the Discussion Topic. From there, other players in the game can offer suggestions for adjustments to the proposal in order to ensure that it is both balanced and reflects multiple parties' interests. Final approval will come from Parugi, at which point the proposed Mega Evolution will be free to appear in the RPG.

Proposed Pokémon: Proposed Pokémon should be fully-evolved. Preference will be given to Pokémon that do not currently have any canon Mega Evolutions, although others will be considered on a case-by-case basis (with the exceptions of Charizard and Mewtwo, who will not be considered at all.) In the event that the Pokémon later gets a canon Mega Form, both will be considered canon in RotR.

Appearance: Either provide a detailed description, or (with approval from the artist where noted by them) link to a fan-made Mega Evolution image elsewhere. If nothing else, please acknowledge where you got the image from and Parugi will contact them.

Focus: In general, what does this Mega Form aim to accomplish as far as the Pokémon's abilities go?

Type: List the Mega Form's type here.

Mega Ability: What Ability will replace the Pokémon's when they turn Mega?

Stat Distribution: Mega Evolutions in the games add a total of 100 points to the Pokémon's Bast Stat Total. Please use the BST of the Pokémon you're proposing and add points (totaling 100 altogether) to each stat to give us a rough idea of what aspects of the Pokémon are being affected by Mega Evolution.






Approved RotR-exclusive Mega Evolutions must be recorded on the RotR Mega Evolutions page.

Approved Mega Evolutions

Mega Absol Y

Proposed Pokémon: Absol (Alt)

Appearance: Head scythe extends downwards further and ends in a point, has a serrated edge. Fur is darker, canine fangs and claws are longer and sharper. Tail blade is shorter, also serrated. Legs are thicker. The 'wings' gained as Meg Absol are not covvered with fur/feathers, instead giving them a black, bat-like appearance.

Focus: Physical combat.

Type: Dark/Fighting

Mega Ability: Pure Power

Stat Distribution: 

-ATK: 130 => 130

-SPA:  75 => 75

-DEF: 60 -> 110 (+50)

-SPD: 60 -> 110 (+50)

-SPE: 75 => 75

Mega Empoleon

Proposed Pokémon: Empoleon

Appearance: Mega Empoleon by Phatmon (General permission on art page)

Focus: In Mega form, Empoleon slows itself down significantly, sacrificing speed for sturdiness. Thanks to the added bulk, it can better handle the recoil of its powerful attacks, granting them added strength, while its shields allow it to deflect special attacks with relative ease, even dreaded Electric-type attacks such at Thunder and Zap Cannon. However, its Achilles Heel remains physical attacks; its shields are bulky and awkward, meaning that a well-placed physical strike can throw off both its attacks and its defenses for a significant amount of time, especially considering its slowed speed.

Mega Empoleon see themselves as paragons of protection; hardened by the harshness of the war, they've strengthened themselves so as to protect both themselves and their Trainers from the hazards of modern warfare.

Type: Water/Steel

Mega Ability: Bulletproof

Stat Distribution: (-15 Speed, +120 to other stats)

-HP: 111 (+27, Compare: Nihilego (109), Excadrill (110))

-ATK: 86 (+0)

-SPA: 153 (+42, Compare:  Mega Greninja (153))

-DEF: 104 (+16)

-SPD: 131 (+30, Compare: Nihilego (131), Cosmoem (131), Umbreon (130), Sylveon (130))

-SPE: 45 (-15) 

Mega Greninja

Proposed Pokémon: Greninja

Appearance: Ash-Greninja, repurposed for RotR as Mega Greninja.

Focus: Attacks and speed.

Type: Water/Dark

Mega Ability: Battle Bond

Stat Distribution: 

-ATK: 95 => 145 (+50)

-SPA: 103 => 153 (+50)

-DEF: 67 -> 67

-SPD: 71 -> 71

-SPE: 122 => 132 (+10)

Mega Golurk

Proposed Pokémon: Golurk

Appearance: Mega Golurk by Blood-Asp0123 (Approved for use August 4th, 2016.) Height roughly doubles upon Mega Evolving--average Golurk goes from 9'02" to 20".

Focus: Mega Golurk's focus is on maximizing its physical abilities. Its massive size increases its physical attacks at the cost of its special ones, while its upgraded Steel/Ghost-Typing and defensive stat boosts increase its ability to survive attacks from its opponents.

Type: Steel/Ghost

Mega Ability: Bulletproof

Stat Distribution: 

-ATK: 124 => 154 (+30)

-SPA:  55 => 25 (-30)

-DEF: 80 -> 130 (+50)

-SPD: 80 -> 130 (+50)

-SPE: 75 => 75

Mega Goodra

Proposed Pokémon: Goodra

Appearance: Mega Goodra by JWNutz (Approved for use October 30th, 2017.)

Focus: Mega Goodra becomes much more of a tank and bruiser, losing speed but gaining added health and defenses in return. It focuses more heavily on its wide range of physical attacks, making them deal more damage in return for lessened Special Attack.

Type: Dragon/Poison

Mega Ability: Swift Swim

Stat Distribution: 

-HP: 90 => 120 (+30)

-ATK: 100 => 120 (+20)

-SPA:  110 -> 100 (-10)

-DEF: 70 => 120 (+50)

-SPD: 150 => 170 (+20)

-SPE: 80 -> 70 (-10)

Mega Magnezone

Proposed Pokémon: Magnezone

Appearance: Mega Magnezone by DubiousDerringer (Whole concept approved for use October 29th, 2017.)

Focus: "Mega Evolution has split Magnezone’s body back into three separate components that are connected by the central body’s electromagnetic field, a field which is strong enough to hold all of its units far above the ground even at a distance. Flakes of metal that get caught in its magnetic pull can be charged with electricity and then fired from its forward-facing magnets with the force of a cannon. When it pulls in its offshoots as closely as possible it can use it’s magnetism to launch its entire body though the air at high speeds for a short period of time." 

Type: Electric/Steel

Mega Ability: Levitate

Stat Distribution: 

-ATK: 70 => 100 (+30)

-SPA:  130 => 150 (+20)

-DEF: 115 -> 135 (+20)

-SPD: 90 -> 90

-SPE: 60 => 90 (+30)

Mega Chandelure

Proposed Pokémon: Chandelure

Focus: Mega Chandelure gains a spider like appearance and an ability to match. With Shadow Tag it can force opponents into a fight. And it can follow up that opportunity with heavy special damage.

Appearance: Here Credit to @Zephyrzu for the art. With written permission obtained on January 23 2019

Type: Ghost-Fire

Mega Ability: Shadow Tag 

Stat Distribution:   

-HP: 60

-ATK: 55

-SPA: 145 => 185 (+40)

-DEF: 90 => 111 (+21)

-SPD: 90 => 110 (+20)

-SPE: 80 => 99  (+19)

Mega Dragonite

Proposed Pokémon: Mega Dragonite

Appearance: Mega Dragonite by unknownmercury

Focus: Aims to be a faster, less bulky Dragonite

Type: Dragon/Flying

Mega Ability: Gale Wings

Stat Distribution:

-ATK: 134 > 149 (15)

-SPA: 100 > 120 (20)

-DEF: 95

-SPD: 100 > 115 (15)

-SPE: 80 > 130 (50)

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