Magic is a spell- and ritual-based system of power utilized by a select number of humans.

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El Naipe Edit

El Naipe is a system of magic that utilizes a combination of prepared cards and a focusing tool. Users of this system typically use private rituals to imbue cards--whether typical playing cards or any fitting substitute, such as slips of paper--with a predetermined power. By destroying the card with their chosen focusing tool, the user is given a short window (typically 15 to 30 seconds) through which to direct the card's power. The duration and strength of a given card depends on a number of factors, including the quality of the card itself and the quality of the ritual used to empower it.

Sample Cards Edit

  • La Gravedad - Temporary increase in gravity; effective for disabling flying opponents.
  • La Quemadura - Produces a burst of fire.

Users Edit

  • Darius
  • Gethin Pollux (El Naipe)

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