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== Trivia==
== Trivia==
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150px-HeartGold SoulSilver Karen

Karen of the Elite Four


Karen is a Dark-Type specialist and a member of the Elite Four in Indigo Plateau.


Pre-Rise of the RocketsEdit

Rise of the RocketsEdit

Karen was eventually sought out by Team Rocket members Dack Majors and Ben Grindport, along with Dack's partner Hannah. The Rockets needed Karen's Dark-Type expertise to help them against the Ancient Darkrai that had taken over Sinnoh and Johto. Wanting to test the Rockets, the Elite Four member challenged them to a three-on-one triple battle. Karen lost and so agreed to help them try to save the victims of the Darkrai in Sinnoh. By the time they left Dark Cave, Hannah became fed up with Dack's selfish attitude and abruptly left the group. Dack, Ben, and Karen traveled to New Bark Town, where they took a boat to Sinnoh.

Because it was winter and their boat was not equipped to deal with ice, the trio had to land in Ben's hometown of Sunyshore instead of Snowpoint. As they approached the region, a fierce storm blew. Despite this, they still managed to dock the boat safely. The three went to Ben's house, only to find that his parents were unconscious--victims of the Darkrai.

After gathering some rain gear from Ben's house, the three set off on the long journey north, toward Snowpoint. Upon arriving in the northern city, they met Vincent, Zac, and Kaito, who all agreed to help them in their quest. Because the Ancient Darkrai were more powerful than a regular Darkrai, they decided to try and recruit Palmer and his Cresselia. Journeying to Sinnoh's Battle Frontier, they found the Tower Tycoon in the basement floor of the Battle Tower. However, Cresselia read Dack's mind and refused to help him, having sensed his selfish motives. Afterward, Vincent, Kaito, and Karen decided to head to Unova to search for Cobalion, as the Fighting-Type Legendary would be helpful in a fight against the Darkrai.


Species Gender Appearance Ability Moves
-197 Umbreon

Payback, Confuse Ray, Assurance, Quick Attack, Toxic

Flash Fire Flamethrower, Swagger, Foul Play
Super Luck Taunt, Detect, Night Slash, Swords Dance, Slash, Thunderbolt
-571 Zoroark
Illusion Dig, Night Daze


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