Johto is one of the many regions in the Pokemon world, but is currently the only known one that is connected to another region directly. Johto has a direct route to Kanto, not requiring a boat or such to travel to. However; that form of travel is not recommended in current times, as the path leads to what is likely the Team Rocket main base in Kanto; Chapel.




Major LandmarksEdit

Famous TrainersEdit

Because the Johto Elite Four is shared with Kanto, it is listed on that page, instead of here.

Gym LeadersEdit

  • Falkner - Flying Gym Leader
  • Bugsy - Bug Gym Leader - (Recruited by Team Rocket)
  • Whitney - Normal Gym Leader
  • Morty - Ghost Gym Leader
  • Jasmine - Steel Gym Leader - (Recruited by Team Liberty)
  • Chuck - Fighting Gym Leader - (Recruited by Team Liberty
  • Pryce(MIA) - Ice Gym Leader - (Not available, Pryce is missing)
  • Clair - Dragon Gym Leader

Other TrainersEdit

  • Ethan Gold - Generation II Pokedex Holder - (Team Liberty)
  • Silver - Generation II Pokedex Holder - (Defected to Team Rocket)
  • Lyra Crystal - Generation II Pokedex Holder
  • Professor Elm - Well regarded Pokemon Professor, investigates Pokemon Eggs
  • Eusine - Crazed person who chases Suicune all the time. Somehow regarded as a good trainer.
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