16 year-old Team Liberty Trainer from Goldenrod City.


Jake was born in Goldenrod City and grew up there. His Dragonite and Typhlosion were given to him by his father, who was the head of the Resistance in the city. His mother was one of the best shoemakers in the city, and made the most durable shoes sold. For that, many trainers came to their family and bought her shoes.


Jake stands at 5'7'' . After a dimensional-traveling mishap, Jake now has a mop dirty-dishwater hair with grey eyes. His frame is slimmer and less stocky than before.


Jake is a silent person, tending to dwell upon matters concerning the entire Pokemon world. He is focused and serious, usually not making jokes. But, even though he is focused, Jake is friendly and tries to be a helpful asset to the team. He, though not quite sure what to think of Alex Lockwood, has become good friends with the other trainer. Jake cares deeply for his Pokemon and would do nearly anything for them. He stands for freedom and justice, but doesn't believe that war is the answer to the Pokemon world's troubles.

Before joining Team Liberty, Jake wasn't very sure of himself, but after his adventures with Alex, Alec, and Ryan, he has become strong and willful.


Species: Typhlosion (Male)

Nickname: Inferno

Trainer: Jake Soren

Appearance: Completely the same as other Typhlosion, except that the fire on Inferno's neck burns brighter than a usual Typhlosion's does.

Personality: Inferno has a tight bond with Dragonite, Aggron, and Jake. He is prepared to give his life for his friends.

Ability: Blaze

Specialty: Has a high defense stat.

Known Moves: Flamethrower, Ember, Quick Attack, Tackle, Leer, Eruption

Species: Dragonite (Male)

Nickname: None

Trainer: Jake Soren

Appearance: Not different from any other Dragonite.

Personality: Dragonite is the second strongest of Jake's Pokemon, second only to Inferno. He has developed a strong bond with Aggron and his bond with Inferno has tightened.

Abililty: Inner Focus

Specialty: Has a higher critical hit chance.

Known Moves: Slam, Twister, Wrap, Agility, Thunderbolt, Dragon Rush

Species: Aggron (Male)

Nickname: None

Trainer: Jake Soren

Appearance: Aggron is like any other Aggron.

Personality: After journeying with Jake, Dragonite, and Inferno, Aggron is a close friend and ally of his friends.

Ability: Rock Head

Specialty: Has a high defense, and because of this, is slower than usual Aggron.

Known Moves: Headbutt, Metal Claw, Tackle, Mud Slap, Harden, Iron Tail

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