Hojohsin League
Leader(s) John Ford

Michael Travis (Team Energon)
Wil Holtman (The Searchers)
Saturn (Team Galactic)

Controlled Regions Hoenn
Bases Various
Goals Defeat Team Liberty and Team Rocket

Establish a new central government

Status Active
Allies Team Energon

The Searchers
Team Galactic
John Ford

Enemies Team Rocket

Team Rocket Separatists
Team Liberty

The Hojohsin League is a group consisting of Team Energon, Team Galactic and the Searchers. It was created by John Ford as part of his master plan to defeat Team Liberty and Team Rocket, and thereby take over the regions of Hoenn, Johto and Sinnoh, which form the basis of the group's name.



Notable MembersEdit

Ford and his OperativesEdit

The SearchersEdit

Team EnergonEdit

Team GalacticEdit

  • Saturn (Leader of Team Galactic)
  • Jupiter
  • Mars


  • Formed by the alliances between Team Galactic, Team Energon, the Searchers and John Ford.
  • Gave Kevin Sparks the materials to create a second Mewtwo as part of the Hojohsin League's master plan.
  • Installed Ford Agent James Pierce as the President of Hoenn, as well as various other agents from each group to act as his Secret Police.
  • Gave orders for all agents of Teams Liberty and Rocket to be captured and imprisoned or killed in Hoenn.


  • The Hojohsin League's name was suggested by Neya, as a combination of the names of the regions that Ford, the League's primary leader, sought to take over.
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