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Gecynde Wynn is a trainer and Team Liberty agent.


A member of the Joy family, Gecynde was just about to start Pokemon Nurse School when Team Rockets new reign was announced. At the early age of seven, she was a prodigy embodying everything the Joy family stood for. Following the takeover, she was whisked away to Team Liberty to be trained and taught the ways of the nursing and battling, so she could one day help free the majority of Joys under Team Rocket's control. She was separated from her immediate family in the process of being handed over to Team Liberty and was raised by foster parents, she is unaware of whereabouts of her family. A new breed of Nurse Joy was born with Gecynde in the time of war, a healer and a fighter.


Gecynde has cobalt blue eyes, which contrast her pink toned hair. Her hair is quite long; she keeps it pulled behind her head in the form of a braid or just lets it hang loose. She's just under six feet tall. Her skin is fairly pale, as if she doesn't spend too much time outdoors. She wears a long hooded black over shirt, flecked with white threads, that go down to her knees. Under the over shirt she wears a thin long sleeved light blue shirt and light pink leggings. She wears a pair of dark blue leather boots, and a belt around her waist that is the same color. The buckle on her belt is a silver-pink and the shape of an x. She also carries a tote like purse with the supplies you'd expect any trainer to have.


Gecynde has the personality that portrays her as the typical talks to spirits, macabre, and can deal with anything attitude. At least, that is how she comes off to people. She's kind and caring once you get to know her, but her outer shell often gets her judged inaccurately. She'll do whatever she can to help those around her, even their pokemon.