Ethan Worth is a member of Team Rocket.


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Ethan stands at exactly 6' tall, with slightly tanned skin and a fairly muscular build. He has short, light brown hair, and dark green eyes. He wears black pants and shoes, a white button up shirt and a black vest, with a red "R" on the right side of it. He usually has his sleeves rolled up, and carries his Pokéballs on his belt. His hair is usually spiked up in the front, and a pair of sunglasses is a constant sight on top of his head, though he rarely uses them for their intended purpose. He has a noticeable, though not thick Australian-like accent.


For a Rocket, Ethan is actually pretty mellow, if a bit deceptive at times. He is very kind to his Pokémon and tries to be friendly to everyone, including Team Liberty Agents, as he figures that Team Rocket could operate so much more efficiently if its members just treated everyone like human beings. He has no qualms with either side, only choosing to side with Team Rocket because his mother took that path. He doesn't resort to dirty tactics in battle, but he will manipulate and deceive individuals if the need arises and it would be for the benefit of his mission. He is incredibly loyal both to his team and his Pokémon, and would put his life on the line to protect either one. He enjoys trekking through forests, hence his affection for Bug-type and Grass-type Pokémon. All in all, Ethan has the whole "cool-guy" thing going for him.


Ethan specializes in Bug- and Grass-Type Pokémon. His currently owned Pokémon are detailed below.

Species Nickname Appearance Ability Specialty Moves Obtained at Notes
Scizor Céris


Swarm Defense and physical attacks.

Double Hit


Swords Dance



Night Slash

Starter; caught at Azalea Town prior to joining Team Rocket.

Evolved into Scizor in Azalea Town, after discovering an old Metal Coat in Ethan's house.


Fully evolved.

Beedrill Tox


Sniper Deterrent and physical attacks. Tox is also much faster now that he isn't confined to a shell.

Poison Jab

String Shot

Fury Cutter

Bug Bite



Starter; caught at Azalea Town prior to joining Team Rocket.

Evolved into Kakuna during battle with four Grass-Type Pokémon near Chapel.

Evolved into Beedrill in a battle against Jamie Arthur.


16 battles fought

Grotle Kada


Overgrow Primarily physical att6acks, though Kada's defensive abilities have increased as well.

Razor Leaf

Bullet Seed


Body Slam


Mega Drain

Caught at forest outside of Chapel.

Evolved into Grotle in a battle against Eric Spiros.


? battles fought

Weepinbell Suya


Chlorophyll Physical attacks. His defenses are also quite strong due to his evolution, even giving him a slight resistance to fire when angered.

Vine Whip

Wring Out

Stun Spore

Poison Powder

Gastro Acid


Caught near Slowpoke Well, east of Azalea Town in Johto.

Evolved into Weepinbell in battle against a group of Team Aqua grunts near Fortree City.


? battles fought

Deerling Serena File:585.png Serene Grace Speed and physical attacks, as well as support attacks



Double Kick

Take Down


Given by Quincy Adams at the Ruins of Alph for helping her reseal the Unown.


Zero battles fought

Currently in Winter Forme.

Dwebble Paruk 557 Shell Armor Defensive techniques


Smack Down

Rock Polish

Bug Bite


Received from Team Aqua grunts after defeating them in Fortree City.




  • All four of Parugi's four main characters have received a Pokémon from someone else. In Ethan's case, he received Serena from Quincy Adams and Paruk from a group of Team Aqua members.
    • Ethan is the only one of Parugi's characters who has received two of his Pokémon, as well as the only one who actually captured his third one.
  • Ethan, like Kyle Eston, was seriously injured during the invasion of Four Island. Instead of being shot, Ethan's leg was severely crushed when he was forced to evacuate from the Team Rocket war machine that was destroyed by Registeel.
  • Ethan is the oldest of Parugi's characters,
  • Ethan was the first of Parugi's characters to complete a full team of Pokémon.
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