Eric Spiros is a member of Team Rocket.

History Edit

Not much is known about Eric's History. He travels often, and has acquired many Pokemon (though, they don't show themselves often and cannot function out of water, so, water Pokemon). Eric enjoys being in Unova, but hasn't been there for a long time, and does not plan to. His parents have lived in Pacifidlog for most of their lives.

Personality Edit

Babbly. Likes to talk, but isn't very open to people. He doesn't get annoyed easily. Eric is stubborn, too, but will be cheerful and happy around [his] Pokemon.

Appearance Edit

Short, wears light gear. Shorts, T-Shirt, sandals, occasionally a hat. Dark hair, orange eyes.

Pokemon Edit

Name Species Gender Appearance Ability Known Moves Obtained Status
Slush Corphish Male Adaptability Crabhammer, Crunch, Bubblebeam, Guillotine Starter Pokemon. Active, with Eric.
Aqua Seadra Female Poison Point Bubble, Smokescreen, Focus Energy, Water Gun, Leer Starter Pokemon. Active, with Eric.

Quotes Edit

  • "Do you ever understand what I'm saying?" -Eric, talking to Slush.

Trivia Edit

  • Eric is the only one of Nara567's characters to have Pokémon exclusively to one type, Water.
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