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Normal Form
Attack Form
Defense Form
Speed Form
#386, Deoxys
Species The DNA Pokémon
Current Location Team Rocket's: All at Divide
Team Liberty's: Four Island
Team Energon's: Unknown
Faction 4 recruited to Team Rocket
1 recruited toTeam Liberty
1 recruited to Team Energon
Status Ariadne: Alive
Vili: Alive
Vé: Alive
Odin: Alive
Team Liberty's: Alive
Team Energon's: Unknown
Type Psychic
Height 5'07"
Weight 134 lbs.
Created by Characterization by Shadok (TR), Uber_Bunny (TL), Parugi

Deoxys is a species of Legendary Psychic-Type Pokémon originating from a space virus.


Ariadne, the Ex-Alpha, and Her Honor Guard

One Deoxys was recruited to Team Rocket after Robert Hawkins saved its life.

Team Liberty's Deoxys


The Omega Deoxys


Powers and Abilities


Deoxys has the ability to regenerate itself, change forms, and communicate to other Deoxys thorugh an aurora. As shown in the Rise of the Rockets, Deoxys can communicate telepathically. Deoxys can change into four forms: Normal Forme, Speed Forme, Defense Forme, and Attack Forme.Deo

Deoxys also has the ability to gain power by absorbing blood from humans. The extent of the power boost varies depending on several conditions, such as the health of the person donating the blood, the overall power level of the Deoxys in question and their "compatibility." Ariadne, for example, gained a much larger power boost from absorbing Robert Hawkins blood than either of Team Liberty's did from their respective agents. This also has to do with Ariadne's status as the matriarch of the Deoxys race.

Despite being the queen of the Deoxys species, Team Energon's "Omega Deoxys" is thought to be more powerful than Ariadne.


Deoxys has the ability to shift between four forms -- Attack Forme, Speed Forme, Defense Forme and Normal Forme.


  • Using the first letter from the names of Deoxys' forms, one can spell "DNAS" (Defense, Normal, Attack, and Speed).