Bounty, also known by his real name Devon Coleman was one of the four Shadow Admins of Team Rocket, up until his secession from the group and subsequent formation of the Rocket Separatists. Bounty is the third most powerful member of Team Rocket as a whole, after Sleight and Joker, and was in charge of running the Rocket mainbase in Sinnoh, called Purgatory, up until its destruction during the Ten Darkrais' invasion.






Bounty specializes in Steel-Type Pokémon.

Species Nickname Gender Appearance Ability Specialty Moves Obtained at Notes
Metagross N/A N/A 376.png Clear Body Balanced in physical and special attacks.

Hammer Arm

Meteor Mash



Aggron N/A Male 306.png Sturdy Special attacks.

Metal Burst

Water Pulse

Hyper Beam

Scizor N/A Male 212.png Technician Physical attack and defense.



Iron Defense

Lucario N/A Male 448.png Steadfast Close-quarters combat.

Close Combat

Aura Sphere

Magnezone N/A N/A. 462.png Magnet Pull Precision attacking.

Magnet Pull

Zap Cannon

Skarmory N/A Female 227.png Keen Eye Unknown Unknown Unknown.


  • "Frightened leaders stumble. Stumblers fall. And those who don't see what they have to do to secure what they have? They simply lose." - Bounty


  • Bounty was third in command to Sleight.
  • Bounty is notable for being the Shadow Admin who killed Giovanni.
  • Bounty is the only Shadow Admin to have technically lost the rank of Shadow Admin within Team Rocket without dying, as he seceded from the group. Ace was set up and killed, and thus does not count.
    • Despite this, the Team Rocket Separatists use the same ranking system as Team Rocket, and as such Bounty still uses his title.
  • It is also interesting to note that while he was the one who killed Giovanni and, in doing so, inadvertently helped set off the chain of events that would lead to the Rocket-Liberty War, Bounty is the only Shadow Admin to have sought or supported a peaceful way of ending the conflict between the two groups.
    • He is also currently the only person whose group has actually succeeded in forming an alliance with Team Liberty.
      • This is especially ironic given the antagonistic attitude that Bounty possessed towards Blackskull when he first appeared in-game. It is possible that either he simply had something against Blackskull, or that his feelings toward Team Liberty have drastically shifted over the course of the game, given the arrival of so many other groups.
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