Benji (Ben) Grindport is a member of Team Rocket, originally a good friend of Alex Lockwood's.


At one point while younger he was Alex’s best friend. It was up until Alex vanished from Sunnyshore without telling him and he felt betrayed when in reality he ran away to Bill and then on his own. Friends were what mattered most to him and his best one betrayed him, so when word got to him Alex joined Team Liberty he jumped ship to Team Rocket. It was Ben who revealed the location of Bill and ran the mission to capture him and knows where he is hidden. He wants to find Alex and let him know how hurt he has felt and to torture him with having his Godfather captive.


Ben is the typical "I’m better then you" guy. Everything he does is right compared to what you are doing. Originally he wasn’t like this but the constant feeling of loss in his life made him turn this way.


Ben stands at 6’1, lean muscular physique being shown off by a tight fitting black t-shirt with the Red R on it and a white vest. Atop his head sits a shaggy mess of dark brown hair. He wears black skinny jeans and black converse.


Current Pokemon on Team:Edit

Species Gender Appearance Sprites Ability Moves Notes
Umbreon Male Same as a normal Umbreon, just has a red bandana around its neck -197 Umbreon Synchronize Moonlight, Confuse Ray, Assurance, and Shadow Ball Like Alex's Espeon, Umbreon was originally owned by Bill
Honchkrow Male Same as a normal Honchkrow -430 Honchkrow Super Luck Aerial Ace, Night Slash, Double Team, and Thunder Wave
Poochyena Male Same as normal Poochyena, just with a red bandana wrapped around its neck -261 Poochyena Quick Feet Bite, Dig, Double Team, and Take Down

Pokemon in Storage:Edit

Ben currently has no pokemon in storage.



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