Alex Lockwood is an 18 year-old Pokemon Trainer from Sunnyshore City. He is also a member of Team Liberty.


Alex was born and raised for awhile in Sunnyshore City by his mother and father. Both parents were hard workers, his dad a member of the police force, while his Mom was a housewife. Living in the town he did he was taught to swim and surf in the waters. It used to be said he had the epitome of a perfect childhood. It all changed one day when the Rockets broke into his house to look for some evidence his dad had. They murdered both of them and left the house a wreck. He had come in from swimming and found the house in a mess and his parents dead. He just took off running and crying. He just left without saying goodbye to anyone including his best friend Benji Grindport. Absol followed him though and made sure he would keep him safe from harm. After running away he managed to get ahold of Bill the PC creator who was his Godfather. Bill immediately came to Alex in Sinnoh and brought with him an Eevee. This meeting was the last time Alex saw bill before he was kidnapped by the Rockets. As years went on Alex grew up a lot. He worked out, collected food, and trained his Pokemon. At one point he was offered to join Team Liberty and it was an offer he couldn't refuse.Once joining Alex felt like he had importance again, a reason to fight for. He had spent so much time alone it was hard to adjust to a public group like this. He now though feels as if he has a family in his team. They fill the void that was lost so long ago.


Alex used to be loud and liked to talk a lot, but once the Rocket invasion began it all changed. He is still talkative, but keeps quiet more. He has a serious-minded attitude when the time and place call for it but he likes to put his goofy side first as it always makes the situation better. After finding out he is the oldest in his group, he was elected to be the Team Leader, something he didn't really want but working on proving he can do to the other members. This is clearly seen in his recent actions and how he is always putting the safety of others first and in turn putting himself at risk for anyone close to him.


Alex stands at 6 feet tall. He had long and shaggy dark brown hair, but has since then cut it short and wears it spiky. He has put on a little more muscle from all the missions he has been going on. He is still not scrawny but not buff. He wears a black and blue tank with showing off his build well, cargo shorts, and walking shoes. Also with him is a black side backpack in which he carries his Pokeballs.


Current Pokemon on Team:Edit

Species Gender Appearance Sprites Ability Moves Notes
Espeon Male Still has the spiked hair from its previous evolution -196 Espeon Synchronize Bite, Sand Attack, Morning Sun, Confuse Ray, Psychic, and Quick Attack Espeon was a gift from Bill, Alex's godfather.
Absol Male Eyes are aqua blue instead of red -359 Absol - (Blue eyes) Pressure Psycho Cut, Night Slash, Swords Dance, Quick Attack, Slash, and Detect Originally owned by Alex's father.
Empoleon Male Beak is more orange in color -395 Empoleon Torrent Flash Cannon, Ice Beam, Surf, Earthquake, and Grass Knot
Marshtomp Male No difference Monstro Marshtomp Torrent Water Gun, Mud Slap, Tackle, and Ice Ball (Egg Move)
Washibon/Rufflet Male Nothing noticeable 627 Sheer Force Shadow Claw, Hone Claws, Aerial Ace, Wing Attack It used to belong to another trainer, but was then released into Castelia City, hence it knowing Shadow Claw (which it can only learn by TM).
Litwick Male Same as others in its species 607 Flame Body Flame Burst, Will-O-Wisp, Night Shade, Confuse Ray

Pokemon in Storage:Edit

Species Gender Appearance Sprites Ability Moves Notes
Bagon Male Wears a blue bandana -371 Bagon Rock Head Rage, Bite, Leer, Fire Fang, Hydro Pump, and Dragon Rush Alex placed Bagon in the PC after catching Rufflet.